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Part 11: Talk Show

Talk Show

Catching up with people in Haven. We've got a pretty full house now, but there are two more companions we've yet to meet. DAI has a big cast and you can learn a lot about the world and the state of things by talking to them. You can also find out how people see the Inquisition as the game progresses.

Do y'all want me to keep doing these in dumps or would you rather I mix them into the regular videos? I still have all the advisers recorded but thought the video was long enough as it was. I can do one more short video with them to get them out of the way or put them in the two I have queued up for editing. We're almost at the end of the first act, then things really get moving.

Cass and Bull are ahead in the votes, so if you want someone different speak up (they're both badass for this particular choice, but everybody is pretty good with the dialogue during that mission).