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Part 18: We've got no Breaches

We've got no Breaches

It's time for us to seal the Breach. Which turns out to be rather easy. The first time I played the game I was all "Wait, that's it?" But then we had a party and several thousand uninvited guests showed up. I guess they were mad because we didn't have enough beer or something.

We finally get to meet the Elder One and learn his name is Corypheus. He appeared in DA2 if you bought DLC. As people in the thread rightly guessed, he was one of the Tevinter Magisters that broke into the Golden City. This may help explain his gnarly appearance. The interesting thing is that he claims when they got there it was already corrupted and empty. This throws a gigantic monkey wrench into the Chantry's version of how shit went down. Now we can think he's an unreliable narrator, but honestly if he was going to lie, why not make up something better? Like they showed up and the Maker fled, afraid he'd get his ass kicked. When he woke up after a thousand-year slumber he found the world very different and decided since as far as he knows there's no Maker, why not promote himself to the empty position. Thus the ritual at the Conclave which we blundered into and fucked up. He wants his mark back, which is probably why he didn't outright try to kill us after things went bad with Alexius. Turns out things aren't so easy.

His buddy has all the appearances of an Archdemon, which is very bad. Archdemons signal Blights and they usually are several hundred years apart. The last one happened in Origins, which was only 10 years ago. Thedas is still recovering and another one would fuck things up right good. And since the Grey Wardens have pretty much all gone missing we don't have a lot of options for destroying it. More importantly, where the hell did Corypheus find another Archdemon so quickly?

Haven ends up destroyed so now the Inquisition is also rather fucked. At least we got most of our people out. Butts takes one for the team.

The mission itself is really just 30 minutes of combat. Make sure you have lots of grenades and potions as they'll help immensely. Take your best weapons and armor along. Who you end up fighting depends on who you allied with. Red Templars if mages, Venatori if Templars. Venatori are much easier. Also if you allied with Templars you end up fighting Fiona on the field and she gets killed with little to no fanfare.

Samson also appeared in DA2, but he was a minor character. A lyrium-addicted ex-Templar, you might have chosen to get him back in with the Order. Doesn't impact this story either way. If you go with Templars the lieutenant is some Tevinter mage we've never met before. It's clear that we've made a very powerful enemy and in our current hobbled state things may go very badly for us from here on out.