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Part 20: Movin' on up

Movin' on up

Welcome to Skyhold. Bit of a disaster right now, but it will clean up and get fixed as time goes on. Most of it is shut to us at the moment. The first big change comes the first time you leave, whether that's to the new area (Crestwood) or an area we've already been to. Then they clean up the main hall and the rest of the courtyard opens up. When it's open we'll get a couple of vendors. Also people will move from their temporary locations to their permanent ones.

Skyhold is pretty damn big. There are a lot of passages and it's kind of easy to get lost outside of the main area until you're familiar. This is just a slice of the grand tour - it will probably take you around 20 minutes to hit every nook and cranny, assuming they're all open.

And we get to meet a new (old) friend! Hawke was the PC in DA2. Varric's bestest bud in the whole wide world. You can set the details in the Keep if you didn't play DA2. When you walk up to talk to Varric you'll get the choice of a default or custom. Of course we went custom. There was also a funny bug where if you chose custom and used the non-default voice for your character it would switch so many people experienced having their Inquisitor suddenly become British or American. We also get to find out who the Warden is. This is based upon what you did in Origins. Again, it can be set in the Keep. Today's special is Alistair. If you didn't use the keep you get a guy who appeared for 30 seconds in DA2 and nobody gives a shit about him.

Sorry if the video isn't all the way processed, it's been hanging at 95% for a while now. YouTube is running like dogshit today.