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Part 21: Dam Nation

Dam Nation

Actus Rhesus joins me again as we try to solve the problem of Crestwood. We make DA2 references. For those of you who don't know, Black Emporium was a piece of (I believe free) DLC that allowed you to redo your character, much like the plastic surgeon in Saints Row. You could also buy some stuff. I don't know about the shop part but the BE stuff for Inquisition will be releasing on the 5th. Merrill was a main character, and our Hawke romanced her. Aveline was and is the Guard Captain of Kirkwall, and a buddy of Varric and Hawke. She was more or less the Cassandra of DA2, a competent and sane character, but goony as fuck when it came to relationships. She gets mentioned in a couple of war table missions depending on Keep choices.

Crestwood has had a pretty shit existence for the past few years. They got overrun by darkspawn during the Blight, lost a bunch of townspeople and refugees to flooding. Now they're hemmed in by undead and bandits. We get to capture our first keep, which in earlier iterations of the game were much more significant. Now they're just glorified camps, but give you a place to rest, shop, and craft. You were supposed to be able to upgrade them, making the Inquisition more powerful in different ways, like martial or trade outposts. But that got cut, probably due to time.

With the lake drained we can now explore Old Crestwood and get to the caves beneath it to seal the rift. We could immediately proceed to meet up with Hawke and Alistair now but we'll take care of this little thing first.