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Part 22: Dank Nugs

Dank Nugs

We go down a big wet hole and seal a rift. We also find out it was the Mayor all along, and he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for the meddling Inquisition. With the rift gone the undead will stop marching around and fucking things up. Apparently the rift also had weather control powers. All that's left to do is meet up with Hawke and find out what's going on with the Wardens and Corypheus.

Crestwood is pretty short and there isn't a whole lot interesting there. No rare materials, no really tough enemies. Well, maybe one but we dispatch it handily. I guess it's this way since it's the first area you're expected to go to after reaching Skyhold. Some of the other areas you should completely stay away from until you've leveled up to the mid-teens. Emprise du Lion in particular. Lots of nice stuff there, but you'll get your shit wrecked if you go early, even on easy. I completed another area this evening so expect that after a palate cleanser of companion chats and random shit.

e: this is post 420 in the thread, the title was just a coincidence