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Part 27: Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The gang heads off to Emprise du Lion to deal with the Red (Templar) Menace. EDL is a medium-large map covered in snow. It's also the equivalent of Tiffany's for crafting mats. Lots of T3's. And the home of game-breaking class removal mats. Dales Loden Wool, Snofleur hide, and Silverite will allow you to put any piece of armor on anybody, excepting race restrictions. For this reason it's a place to come early, but unlike Hissing Wastes enemies and rifts are tightly packed so it's much more dicey to move around. If you're a rogue you can abuse flank attack by heading down to the river and murdering an ice hippo and then leisurely strolling around invisible to pick up various shiny bits unmolested.

EDL's story is that it was once a supplier of luxury stone for the nobility of Orlais. Once the war kicked off demand dropped and the stone quarry was abandoned. People were unable to work and life got kinda shitty. Then there was a snap freeze and the river became impassable which really fucked the town of Sahrnia. With no jobs and no way to get food in or leave themselves things were getting desperate. Then a bunch of Templars showed up, offering to buy the quarry and put people back to work. Of course these were Red Templars, so things went to shit pretty quickly. . And a powerful demon has taken over Suledin Keep in the hills. The two main quests here are to find out what's happening to the missing workers and liberate the keep.