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Part 28: Better dead than red

Better dead than red

Another long video. Actus Rhesus is along for the ride while a lot of really silly things happen. We rescue a bunch of villagers and storm Suledin keep. Meanwhile the game bugs out in all sorts of interesting ways.

We discover that the noble/mayor lady in the town was aware of what was happening shortly after she sold the quarry but with the river frozen over and an army of crazies outside her door she went along with it by offering up sick and old people. Which on one hand is a shitty thing to do, and on the other somehow kept them from taking the whole town. You can punish her for this later if you want.

Suledin keep is pretty much the same as Crestwood with crafting stations and a vendor but it's much, much bigger. The vendor sells the best T3 weapon schematics. I recommend using the fast travel point as it's a long walk from the front door to get to the useful stuff. Imshael offers us stuff that he can't deliver on, so we go full on his ass. He's not too difficult, even when I was playing on nightmare I didn't have any real trouble.

There's one more "area" of EDL that's we haven't done, but I'll come back later. You have to unlock it via a war table mission.