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Part 29: Judgment Day

Judgment Day

Showing off the Black Emporium. It's a shop you have to travel to and as such it always makes you pick a party, even though they don't show up with you. Missed opportunity to have them comment on shit, but I guess getting everyone back in for VA would have been a pain/cost money and it's a free DLC. You can buy both unique weapons & schematics as well as regulars and crafting mats, though nothing special.

And I finally show off judgments. Butts's save mysteriously disappeared but luckily I had one from my Qunari so she's guesting on this episode It's kind of funnier anyway since with Qunari in a lot of cutscenes their vitaar show up so in this particular instance she looks a bit like a Juggalo. You get the opportunity to judge certain people if you don't kill them outright at the end of their quest. The Mayor doesn't have that option and you find him with a war table mission. They're a lot of fun and you have some interesting options for some of them. Like Josie says, outright killing them isn't always the worst punishment. Some of them get downright silly. Basically options are divided into : straight up beheading people (the only use of our badass Inquisitor sword we got), throwing them into Skyhold's prison, exiling them and the comedy option. If you throw enough of them into the dungeon they'll actually have conversations with each other. Sometimes you can make them agents if you have the right perk, and if you are a mage and the person you're judging is a mage you can make them Tranquil. All of your mage buddies freak out about this and if you sided with the mages you can piss them off as well.

We also find out Bull is a drunk who likes to spank it to Dragons and Blackwall doesn't know what the fuck is up with Wardens.

e: and if you think I've had some fucked up glitches, here's another view of the goat judgment: