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Part 30: Be still my beating heart

Be still my beating heart

Butts takes a break from collecting shiny things and heads over to the Western Approach to look into that "Wardens have gone bugfuck" problem. WA is a large-ish area, but easy to navigate. No metals or herbs of note, but some good leathers like quillback and phoenix. Also a high dragon flapping about.

We start off with the Sill Ruins. It appears Tevinter has been engaging in questionable magic experiments for a good long time. I'm totally over this map, it's gorgeous. We're overleveled as shit for the area, so you may see us not getting XP from time to time. If you're more than 3 levels above an enemy it doesn't grant XP. Levels in maps are fixed, with some randoms spawning higher. We'll do a couple major sidequests then meet up with Hawke and Alistair.

e: ahaha, try watching with CC on. I'm Sabah naked poster and Cassandra says, "but they would have taken the cock I don't like this some."