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Part 31: (Griffon) Wing and a prayer

(Griffon) Wing and a prayer

Progress in the Western Approach. We meet a Draconologist. We'll be doing his quest but mostly off-camera because it's boring collectathons. And we capture another keep, Griffon Wing. The architecture is sort of nonsensical (what are those giant spikes for?) but pretty neat looking. Since we're overleveled the enemies inside prove to be no trouble whatsoever. There's a lot of side stuff here; two operations to unlock, one of which leads to an area we're currently blocked off from. That contains a dungeon crawl that I'll probably do off-camera because it's not especially compelling, unless folks really want to see it. Then Frederic's stuff and all the shit we get from Rylen. These would probably mean more if they kept the original keep stuff but since they're just fancy camps you can skip it all should you care to. And what would a video be without something bugging out?