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Part 34: Fade to black

Fade to black

Spoiler: we didn't die from our fall. But things are nearly as bad, since we're now gallivanting around the Fade in the flesh. Doesn't matter who you take on this mission, nobody is happy about it. We find out Corypheus's goal (to take the Black City for himself) and that it was all undone by a 90 year-old lady pulling a Charles Barkley on his ass. No wonder he's cranky. Also the Wardens have been stupid for some time now.

Personally I'm not sure what the real estate has to do with anything other than maybe the symbolic value. Who gives a shit where you're sitting if you can manipulate time, raise a demon army, and command an archdemon? Unless there's something we're not yet aware of that gives you superpowers for sitting in the Maker's chair. Being physically in the Fade would make it harder for people to attack you certainly, but if people can break in twice they can do it again.

You never find out definitively if Justinia is a spirit, a ghost, or an escapee from a celestial nursing home. Also if you choose one of the "oh no I'm not chosen by Andraste" options she basically says there's no way to know, but since we don't give a shit she agrees.

The spider-fears are all named mundane things, except for the one I was looking for. Its name is "Ironically, Spiders"