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Part 37: Wise fwom yo gwave

Wise fwom yo gwave

We venture into the Emerald Graves. It's a big map and very green especially after all the time we've spent in the desert. It's comparable to Hinterlands in size. Since it's a forest you'll find lots of plants for harvesting, some of them rare. It's also where you'll find pyrophite, a decent metal. The shit side to EG is that there are some big cliffs that can make getting to your objective a pain in the ass. That and fucking giant central. You're meant to come to the area at a much lower level and if you don't keep your companions on a tight leash expect to get your shit wrecked repeatedly. There's also a dragon inhabiting the northern end, though the area is hard to accidentally stumble into.

The Dales used to belong to the Elves (hence Dalish) and was promised to them by Andraste herself for fighting alongside her against Tevinter. Then the Chantry/Orlais decided they wanted the real estate and called for an Exalted March, killing pretty much everyone and reducing the elves to scattered bands roaming the countryside or stuck in city ghettos. It's why I brought Solas. Sera being Sera doesn't give a shit about the history. Currently the Freemen are tearing the place up and ruining shit for the locals. They're also smuggling red Lyrium through the area. Fairbanks wants us to clear out the Freemen, rescue his people, and kill the asshole in charge. We get the first two done in this video.

We also take a small fieldtrip.