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Part 40: Zoinks! A g- g- ghost!

Zoinks! A g- g- ghost!

Actus Rhesus and I hop into the Mystery Machine and explore a haunted house. Chateau d'Onterre is a neat area. Though you can't see most of it because it's darker than a carload of assholes. Would have been neat once you cleared it if all the lights came on. It's the same old story; rich family has a kid that has magical abilities and instead of sending them off to the Circle like they should the parents try to hide it with disastrous consequences. It would have also been neat if once the problem was dealt with we got to use it some way - either an Inquisition outpost or set Fairbanks and his group up in it.

We're now pretty much done with the Emerald Graves. There's another dungeon but it's not very interesting excepting the lore you get from it. I may do it off camera and then just post a short clip of the ending since there's a tie-in with Exalted Plains, our last unexplored area in the main game. EP is not a very exciting area, so I'll probably blow through that in a single video. Then pretty much all that's left is plot missions and DLC (and companion stuff but a lot of that is gated so I'll do it as it becomes available).