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Part 41: Seeker seeking Seekers

Seeker seeking Seekers

We take care of some personal business for Cassandra. You do the war table mission that opens up after she asks you for help and a new spot on the world map unlocks. It goes away once you complete the mission so grab all the goodies (not that they're worth fuckall to us at this point) before leaving.

Turns out the Lord Seeker we met in Val Royeaux was a demon, whoops. To be fair to the Templars though, Cassandra noticed something was off about the fake Lucius but not enough to realize oh, hey, demon. The actual Lucius went bugfuck and decided to go with a scorched earth philosophy, rather literally. Since Seekers turn out to be immune to red lyrium Lucius invites them all one by one to the remote castle where he does horrible things to them. In return we gut him like a fish and leave his corpse for the crows to feed on.

The thing about Tranquility is huge in the DA universe. What began as a means of making new Seekers turned into a way to control errant mages and ultimately a tool of abuse. Lucius is actually correct in stating the Seekers have become corrupted and are more interested in preserving their power than doing what is right. Lucky for us Cassandra is around to pick up the pieces. You can discourage her from reforming them, but to me they seem like an important group - the ones who watch the watchers. She's pious enough that she believes in doing what's right and pragmatic enough to realize when things are fucked up and need unfucking. She thinks the poor should be fed and the Chantry less up its own ass. Although we use it as a cheesy pickup line, if anyone could make them something better, it's our buddy.

The tarot card is what hers changes to if you romance her - we won't be seeing it otherwise so I thought I'd show it off. You may also notice from here on out that we stop getting "Cassandra approves" messages, mostly because we have her maxed out. If we take a ding here and there from a decision or judgment those will come back.