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Part 43: More like Exalted pains

More like Exalted pains

We go to our last unexplored area (in the main game, anyway). EP is where the elves finally met their end during the 2nd Exalted March. Harding says it's beautiful but with the exception of the river area it's actually pretty ugly. Grassy plains with some rock formations. There's nothing unusual or special about EP. The crafting materials suck, the enemies are repetitive, the sidequests are boring. All in all it's probably my least favorite area. You're clearly supposed to come here much sooner, probably right after Crestwood. There's one side area that's kinda neat, which we'll hit in the next video. Other than that it doesn't offer anything except some lore on elven gods and mythology.

The elves want you to clear out the graveyard, find the golden Halla, give them a bunch of crafting shit, locate the missing youth, and transcribe some runes. Whoopee. The Orlesians need all their encampments back. To do this you go in, kill the undead/Arcane Horrors, and set the body pits on fire. They're annoying in that they're very maze-like and finding the way to your destination can be frustrating. In the area locked off by the rocks you'll find gurguts, which are a big lizard thing. They drop an OK leather. You can also find items for the personal fetch quests of Cass, Viv, and Dorian. I did 90% of this area off camera and you're not missing anything.

It's also time to vote again. Do you want Crate or Barrel?