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Part 46: Butts, party of 4

Butts, party of 4

This is Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts. A lot of people don't like this mission. I do. It's very different from anything we've done so far and I think that throws some people off. Your first time through can be a bit daunting because there's a ton of shit to find. Also the court approval mechanic makes a lot of people because it seems like you're fucked from the get-go. You're not. Even playing as a Qunari who starts completely in the shitter I ended up at 100% so don't panic. It's easy enough to gain, usually by choosing the middle option in the conversation tree. There are also other ways to boost it, which I'll talk about in the next video.

We arrive at the Winter Palace and are immediately thrown into the deep end of the Orlesian politics pool. Somebody wants to kill the Empress, but who? Everyone seems to have a motive and we're very much at a disadvantage (at least at first). Gaspard wants to return Orlais to its "glory days," aka war with everybody and expansionism. Not good. Briala and Celene used to be lovers but that ended badly. There's a mystery "occult adviser" who may be influencing Celene and her court through blood magic. We have to find dirt on everyone, and people aren't pleased we're an elf. At least we have bitchin' uniforms.

It doesn't matter who you bring along. You'd think bringing Vivienne would be helpful, but it's not. She just stands at a table and doesn't offer any inside information or insight. If you bring Varric he disappears for most of it and you find him behind one of the Halla doors Dorian has a good time, as does Bull. Cole is invisible to everyone most of the time and his cryptic comments aren't helpful. Blackwall is mostly boring. Poor Solas gets introduced as our manservant. I take Sera because I'm perpetually 12 years old and her introduction makes me laugh. So does Cassandra's. Our advisers all tag along, too.

There is some combat here, but we won't see it until next video. Those sections are short, and then it's back to the party. Will we discover the culprit and save the Empress?

Lokapala posted:

There are 2 nobles in the Hall somewhere in the general vicinity of Varric who comment on Josephine's romance. Or maybe they comment on all romances, haven't checked.
It's everybody. They even made a random comment about Butts and Harding, though she doesn't really count as a romance. They said I could do better. That's not a nice thing to say about Scout Harding!