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Part 47: Keebler is fucked

Keebler is fucked

We're now free to explore more of the Palace. It seems people keep going into the servants' quarters but aren't coming out and we need to investigate as to why. We're also introduced to the decaying approval mechanic. You have to leave the main party area to do other stuff, but every time you do your approval starts to drop. It's no biggie, actually. Still easy to make up in large chunks simply by dallying a bit longer. We meet a new (old) acquaintance. Morrigan was a companion in Origins and Alistair mentioned her in the fade. She was raised in a swamp by a crazy lady known as the Witch of the Wilds, Flemeth. Because of this Morrigan's social skills in the first game were pretty lacking. She didn't believe in doing things that weren't directly beneficial and MORRIGAN DISAPPROVES was a running joke throughout the game. But it seems she must have learned some good manners from the HoF if she's able to charm the Empress and her court.

We get into the servants' area and discover that there are a bunch of Venatori running around and also a dead Council Emissary with Gaspard's dagger in his back. Oops. Except that seems a bit obvious so we're withholding judgment on the matter for now. We meet Briala and she offers us her legions of spies if we make things go her way. So that's officially all three of the big players attempting to get us to help influence things.

We also get into the trophy room wherein is the best easter egg