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Part 48: Penis in ear

Penis in ear

More court machinations. We talk to all the relevant players and Gaspard's sister rats him out. Leliana makes a shocking suggestion, but she's just giving you options of how this can turn out. You can straight up support Celene, let her get ganked and have Gaspard take over, or let her get ganked and support Briala with Gaspard as a puppet emperor. There are two options not mentioned: force everyone to work together or reconcile Celene and Briala so Celene keeps her throne and Briala gets her representation in the court.

If you just rush off to the royal wing you'll miss all of the extra shit that shows up, so make sure to check all the nooks and crannies. Dancing with Florianne should get you back to 100% approval so you can then head back to the library or servants' quarters to pick up anything you missed.