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Part 49: Butts breaks big balls

Butts breaks big balls

Well, we find out who was behind the whole thing. Turns out it wasn't anyone we originally thought. The part where all of this is uncovered is where my recording decided to shit the bed. But I (sort of) fixed it. Shockingly Florianne was in league with Corypheus and held the ball on the pretense of peace talks to get all of the obstacles under one roof. However Corypheus has proven time and time again to be a huge fuckup and not exactly stellar in his choice of lackeys so Florianne gets completely owned by Butts at her own game. There isn't a face big enough in all of Orlais (and believe me there are some big ones). Choosing this option lets us decide what to do with her afterwards. If you let her kill Celene then obviously you can only have Gaspard rule, though with or without Briala. If you tell Cullen to protect Celene then several Inquisition soldiers get ganked and we end up fighting Florianne - she's a bow rogue and the fight can be a pain in the ass if you don't have ranged people. This ends with her dead and probably the funniest judgment in the game, which I will show off later so don't spoil it for the unknowing folks! Our vote on crate or barrel decided this choice. You'll see why I chose those descriptors when I show it off.

Now as far as deciding on the ruling thing, here's my reasoning for going with the option I did: Gaspard has been mentioned continually to be a bully, to not listen, and be a warmongering shit. This is not the kind of person I would want in charge of a large country if I'm the Inquisitor. Guaranteed the second we deal with Corypheus he's going to shake us off and do exactly what he wants, i.e. starting wars with his neighbors. Similarly, getting all of them to work together is dangerously unstable because they're Orlesian and the second any one of them thinks they can upset the balance and take power, they will. Just Celene is probably ok as she's described as a progressive and knows she owes her throne to us so the likelihood of betrayal is pretty low. I got her and Briala back together because elves are constantly shit on and whether or not having Briala as a noble will help to fix that is anyone's guess, but as Leliana pointed out we now have the gratitude of someone who has been in the gutter so she's not likely to betray us either. With our public backing Celene should be able to stave off the naysayers and might actually be a decent (for Orlesian) ruler.

Morrigan joins the Inquisition whether you want her to or not for plot reasons. She'll show up at the war table but you can't take her out as a squadmate. She'll hang out in the garden and you can chat with her about what went on in Origins.