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Part 51: Disenchanted Forest

Disenchanted Forest

We start the DLC, Jaws of Hakkon. If overleveling content is a problem, well this is the answer. It's recommended level 20 and for once they aren't kidding. Enemies average around 23, though they get much higher. There is some nasty shit wandering around this place. Also introduced are new tier 4 materials (except the cotton, I said that was level 4 but I lied, it's only 3) and schematics. Also some of the critters are weird. Not just the fade-touched, but you'll find some strange variants of things. They drop stuff generally better than their normal counterparts.

The plot of this storyline is that we are trying to find out what happened to the original Inquisitor, Ameridan. He took off for parts unknown at the beginning of the First Blight and was never heard from again. A nice fellow from the University of Orlais is here doing the research and we're gonna help him out. And hopefully like Harding says, get our hands on some good loot. The map is fucking huge and has a lot of verticality. This leads to some difficulty in finding your destination and also some terrible platforming. And the fade rifts all drop tons of shit, which we farm the hell out of.

This DLC was $15 and I would say it's worth it. Plenty of content and goodies and gives some badly needed late- or post-game challenge. There's an associated armor pack that I didn't buy which also gives you some mounts. Everything looks kind of derpy and I took the $5 and bought beer with it instead.

Also Dorian's card is what it changes to after you complete his personal quest and reconcile him with his father. I forgot to update it, oops.