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Part 52: House of cards

Guys she's not evil, she's a sweet kitty and has only told me to kill like 6 people and HAIL SATAN

House of cards

Well, shit. No really, that's what it's called. Varric's pseudo-girlfriend done fucked up but it's sort of fixed now so hopefully everything is groovy between them. If you ask him about her after the mission then you find out yep, crossbow's named after her (she made it) but he doesn't come right out and say it. I like this mission but wish there was more to it than "go to a place we've been before and kill the same dudes." Maybe a little more intrigue or something.

The card game is a really nice little thing and I wish they did more of this in game - having your squadmates interacting outside of missions. Party banter makes it sound like they do, but everyone just stays in their respective spots (with the occasional exception) and never hang out together in the tavern or garden or something. ME3 had squadmates moving around the ship and having conversations and I wish they did that here but alas. Also if you're romancing Josie she lets you win

Varric's card is what it changes to after Here Lies the Abyss, regardless of what happens to Hawke. It will change again after this mission if you have high enough approval to get the card game. If Varric doesn't like you (you monster) then it won't trigger. This is Viv's card after her personal quest. Almost all your companions' cards change after their quests with a couple of exceptions. Cass's only changes if you romance her, and possibly at endgame. Solas changes romance-only. Adviser cards never change.

I'm recording commentary tonight with a new guest, so that episode will be up in a couple of days.