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Part 53: Sink or swim

Sink or swim

More DLC shenanigans with special guest Lazyfire. We meet up with Colette, demonstrate Newtonian physics, query after a boat, and talk to the folks at Stone Bear Hold. Svarah, the thane of the hold is a pretty groovy lady and seems willing to break the peace with the Jaws of Hakkon if we gain enough favor with them. You get a couple of war table missions from talking to her; Sky Watcher (the Avvar guy we got as an agent way back in Fallow Mire) is apparently a suave motherfucker so we get some approval by sending him there, along with telling them the resting place of Tyrdda Bright-Axe. We don't mention we already stole her shit but they're happy nonetheless and we get 2 points for doing it. We also get a point by doing a little harmless sparring in an arena.

Many things broke in this video and I hope none of you are prone to fits of epilepsy.