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Part 55: Butts, boats, bears

Butts, boats, bears

Taking care of a couple of sidequests. Actus Rhesus goes along for the ride. We discover Ameridan's gf is still hanging around waiting for him to come back so we break the bad news and send her on her way, get an upskirt shot from an ice giant, and rescue Storvacker. The Hakkonites done fucked up by messing with the bear and now Svarah is willing to help us out. Technically we could now move forward with the plot, but there are a couple more sidequests we can do and they have some interesting info about the Avvar so I'll hit those up next.

I show off a little bow combat as well. With the passives in the bow tree you can get massive crits on targets, especially if you're in steath and at higher elevation. It's just not super exciting to play or watch. I just duped the fuck out of power amulets, so I don't need to respec every time I want to switch. Probably won't be doing that much though unless people really want to see it.