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Part 56: Hold me now

Hold me now

Takin' care of business at Stone Bear Hold. The Augur is a chill dude who explains the Avvar's "gods" and how they worship them. The gods are just regular old spirits, but as Solas has explained they reflect the expectations of the people they come in contact with. So since the Avvar have gods of different personality and respect them, the spirits don't get all nasty and try to eat people's faces (usually - Hakkon must be a real asshole at this point). If one dies another spirit takes their place. They offer advice and wisdom. While a bit odd it seems a hell of a lot healthier than the normal attitude and "bad" spirits are driven off. Taking Cole and Solas along is fun. I especially love Cole's "Hello! "

Also the way a spirit is bound to a mage keeps the mage from going bugfuck and being possessed in the bad sense. Weird to the average Thedan, but it works for the Avvar and seems a lot kinder than the way the Circles use Harrowing. Instead of an antagonistic relationship it's benevolent; friendly even. The spirit will stay with that mage until they're ready to be on their own so there's no need for Tranquiling people. We pick up Sigrid as an agent and then will send her to Val Royeaux where she's the hit of a big party with the nobles.

And yeah, that was a 14,000 point non-critical hit on that spider