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Part 59: Elf on a shelf

Elf on a shelf

We finish up Jaws of Hakkon. The Stone Bear Avvar and Svarah have our backs and help us get into the fortress by shimmying up the walls and bringing a bear to a swordfight. Getting inside is a pretty straightforward affair, those ice wisps are only annoying. I guess there aren't too many of them because the rest are up at the shrine trying to get the refrigerator back on. The fortress itself isn't any trouble other than the dumb freezing mechanic. From the runes you get schematics for a dagger, staff, bow and longsword. You'll also get a schematic for the Dragon Hunter armor after completing a war table mission. It's good stuff but kinda ugly.

Turns out things were very different 800 years ago. Yes, Telana was an elf. So was Ameridan. If it hadn't been for the Second Blight, Thedas might look very different today. Bringing Cass along gets you a bit of extra dialogue and the special option if you've done her personal quest. In a nutshell the Seekers are assholes, Kordillius was an asshole, the Chantry are assholes. Assholes everywhere.

We let Hakkon go off to a nice rebirthing, make terrible puns and hire Storvacker. If you're a mage you get the option to suggest Tranquiling her (though Svarah says no and I don't know how Tranquiling a bear would actually work). After you do the final mission it stays nighttime permanently which is neat-looking but it's hard as hell to find shit. Overall I really like this DLC, there is a ton of content and for the most part the missions are fun. I wouldn't mind more stuff with the Avvar, especially since we're best buds with the Stone Bear folks and they could change a lot about how the Circles educate/deal with mages.

Some things about this video: It took 7 1/2 hours to render and I got a copyright notification for my music selection but since I don't monetize it's not much of an issue. However I apologize if there are any annoying ads because of it. Guess that's what I get for trying something different. And it's showing blocked in some countries, I'm guessing goddamn Germany again Is there a fucking list I can look at to determine ahead of time what Angela Merkel finds acceptable?