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Part 64: Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!

Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!

I would just like to say this fight can blow me. It's awful. The Emissary Alpha is a fuckface of epic proportions. They teleport all over the place, most often between rooms so you spend your time running back and forth. His magic attacks are painful, a full blast can kill you outright and the glowing orb one is an AOE nuke. The attacks are fire based, so it may help to have on fire resistant gear and some tonics.

Once that's done we continue downward and we lose a good dwarf. Sha-Brytol are also kinda fuckers, especially those Bolters. I'm really sad we couldn't steal one of their weapons to slap on Varric because they're exceptionally nasty. Effectively a multishot crossbow, they can take you from full to dead in a couple of volleys, and there are multiple ones in a group. The rift shield is extremely helpful here so use it if you've already done Hakkon. If you come here early for sweet schematics and loot then you'll want gear that protects you against ranged. Also use your mages to keep them controlled by whatever means necessary.

Valta has (no) trouble translating some inscriptions and it seems that Titans are a real thing and they may actually be the forerunners of dwarves which is kind of a big deal.