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Part 67: Colonoscopy


We finish up Descent. While the ending itself is a bit abrupt and doesn't really explain anything as far as the story goes, it's a rather huge revelation for the game lore. Titans have been mentioned in passing, but it turns out the substance that pretty much the whole known world revolves around is Titans' blood. During Bianca's quest she said that lyrium is alive. Welp, it is. And we can extrapolate that red lyrium is blighted Titan blood. If it turns out that a Titan has gone darkspawn, things are well and truly fucked considering their size alone. I don't know if we can make that connection, but it does explain why it's spreading - just like any other infection. We know that people can be used to grow it, so it would be like getting a transfusion of infected blood. As if things weren't enough.

And Valta can now use magic, WTF. Dwarves can't use magic and they don't dream because they've been cut off from the Fade, but what actually happened back then remains a mystery. Maybe it's like being Tranquil and the Titan reversed it similar to what the Seekers do. This could also really turn Thedas on its head.

Once the DLC is complete you get a mission at the DR war table that a terrible cry is heard and when Inquisition agents go to investigate the Wellspring is completely blocked off and Renn's body is missing from its grave. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear about Valta and the Titan, though since Trespasser is the confirmed last DLC we'll have to wait for the next game.