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Part 71: Odds...and ends

Odds...and ends

We finally get to the Well of Sorrows and run into Samson. Thanks to Dagna (and the fact that we're silly overleveled) it's no big deal, but if you're at the suggested level it can get kinda hairy because all his major attacks do knockdown. The worst is getting caught with whirlwind and then not being able to get back up. He has infinite stamina so he'll just spam those two over and over. Once he's dealt with then it's time to decide who gets to drink.

The first time you do this I think a lot of people go "oh fuck no, I'm not giving Morrigan that kind of power" and it's a sensible argument. However, we decide that since a whole bunch of stuff we thought just myth and legend suddenly seem to be very possible (if not exactly as we've been told) we pass and have her drink. Then I run around Skyhold and talk to everyone one last time. Like any other mission there's no timer on the final one, but we have done every other conceivable thing there is to do so all that's left is to wrap it up. If you have any unfinished companion quests make sure you do them before starting Doom Upon All the World. The last mission is nice enough to give you a big red warning that it's the last one. Only companion quests are cut off, you can do DLC or side areas after the game ends.

And we find out about Morrigan's home life. Sure does explain why she's a bit of a weirdo. Flemeth is voiced by Kate "Janeway" Mulgrew and has been in every DA game. She's delightfully crazy. Except she's also an ancient elven goddess, whoops. And now Morrigan is bound to her will for all time. This is why you don't drink from strange wells, kids! Since Morrigan is a shapeshifter, she'll be taking on Corypheus's dragon. If we had drunk from the well, then we would have to fight a dragon and once you beat it up enough it submits and would be our dragon buddy. Just for that fight though, sadly. How awesome would it have been if we could call up every dragon we've fought instead of killing them and use them as the equivalent of a bombing run?

Also since we allied with the Sentinels instead of stabbing them you can now find them around Skyhold hanging out and having rather amusing conversations with people. It's a neat touch.

Golly guys, we're actually at the end of the game! Trespasser will take a few updates, because there's a lot to see. Once we do DUATW then the thread will open up to spoiler chat about the main game. Trespasser will still be off limits since it can go different ways depending on the shit we did during the main run but as we come to each branch I'll tell what I know about the alternatives. Buckle in, there's still some major shit coming! Also now that we're pretty much done I'll update the reserved post with a bunch of links to things we didn't see, like the romances.