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Part 72: Coryphyshit


The final confrontation. And boy, do we kick the shit outta that guy. It always goes this way unless you only did story missions, I guess. A lot of people are disappointed by how easy the last fight is. I get that, and it would have been cool to have a multi-stage thing like Origins where you switched between groups of companions fighting off the demonic hordes. In some ways though, it's nice to just be like "fuck you, I'm the Inquisitor, spent all game kicking ass cya bye." Also there's no ambiguity or the possibility of a different ending like the debacle of ME3. Dead, done, over. We return to Skyhold a big fuckin' hero and get a nice party out of the deal.

Softened Leliana is our Divine. If we hadn't softened her then she'd become what's affectionately referred to as Murderpope and instead of convincing everyone to work together she just anyone that starts shit. If Cass becomes Divine then she implements some reforms (not as many as Lel but a good start) and is generally liked. Viv is a complete fucking disaster and ruthlessly quashes any dissent or rebellion. A lot has been speculated and written about how the Divine is selected, but the major factor is whether you allied with mages or templars and what you did with them. Free mages = Leliana, conscripted mages = Viv, and allied templars = Cass. If you choose to dissolve the templars it still leans towards Cass but then secondary factors like which adviser you use the most for war table missions comes in. All in all our game choices result in a pretty stable and happy Thedas. The shit goes down with the Wardens whether you banished them or not, and it makes no difference who survives the Fade.

Oh, and it turns out SOLAS IS MOTHERFUCKING FEN'HAREL JESUS CHRIST This explains a hell of a lot. Also some people speculate that FleMythal gives up her shit willingly but it doesn't read that way to me. She looks really surprised, and the way he says sorry just makes me think some bad shit went down. Things are far from settled and there's clearly more trouble brewing on the Horizon.

Fun facts about this LP:

Total playtime at post-credits save is just over 144 hours. If we say average video length is 30 minutes (which is erring on the high side) then there's around 108 hours of shit I cut. You're welcome.

I do not have a capture device. This has all been done with my PS4's onboard recording.. The PS4 has a recording limit of 15 minutes. And it's also why sometimes I've fucked up recordings because if you don't properly mash the button or save it afterwards it's gone forever - there's no way to find it on the hard drive. Rough editing is done on the console with Share Factory, which is a free program on the PS store. Final editing and rendering I do on my laptop, as well as record commentary.

I've never done an LP before. I may never do one again Or at least if I do it will be on a game you can finish in 10 hours.

Only Trespasser is left and that shouldn't take too many updates. THREAD IS NOW OPEN TO ALL MAIN GAME SPOILERS Don't spoil anything from Trespasser.