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Part 73: This is the thanks I get

This is the thanks I get

Trespasser. We jump 2 years into the future. Once you select the mission you're locked off from the map. It really is the end game. Both Orlais and Ferelden mucky-mucks are clamoring to do something about us, even though we saved the world and haven't been giant assholes. They've put enough pressure on Leliana that she calls a summit.

Now this first part before the Exalted Council actually starts can go a multitude of ways, depending on what you did during the main game. If you pissed anyone off enough to leave, they won't be here obviously. If you didn't have a good relationship with them they may be indifferent and not give you much info. Since we were buddies with everyone we get lots to do. There are also a shitton of notes, codex entries, and collectibles around here.

The mood isn't very optimistic, but for now we're going to enjoy time with our friends.