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Part 74: Good feels

Good feels

Chatting with more of our buds. Everyone in this video is pretty jolly, even Viv. If we made Cole more human then he hooks up with Maryden But instead he gets her and Krem to hook up. The middle conversation option is also pretty nice. If the Chargers are dead Bull doesn't really have anything to say to you, just "Hey boss." His thing broke but he totally knows what the Chargers are doing and plays along

Sera gets rather interesting in Trespasser. She's still a Jenny and still makes stupid jokes, but she starts to show some maturity. If you romanced her you can get married and it's pretty cute. We'll see more of her being a not-idiot as we progress. It's nice that the writers are sort of making up for her being kind of an immature jerk in the main game.