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Part 75: I've got better things to do

I've got better things to do

We chat up our last few companions and get the Exalted Council underway. I don't know what the fuck happened to Teagan in the 10 years between Origins and Inquisition, but boy did he sure turn out to be an asshole. In Origins he was the Arl's younger brother, had a sense of humor, and seemed to be a nice guy. Now he's kind of a whiny shit. Also he aged terribly and looks like moldy potatoes crammed into a ridiculous outfit. This was the guy who buggered off in Redcliffe when Alexius showed up to go beg for help from the Queen, effectively turning his impregnable fortress over to the enemy which we kindly liberated for him. No gratitude, I tell ya

Also some extremely weird shit is going on in the palace and we're gonna have to pull an Alice to find out what. This is really the meat of Trespasser and anyone who thinks that there's no longer a need for us is in for a rude awakening.