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Part 76: Fleshlight


Oh dear. Things are really going to pot. We've got Qunari all over the place, Butts gets a really rude awakening to her own history, and our hand is acting all funky.

Torrannor was correct - if you're an elf this place is much more vibrant. Bring Sera along as a non-elf and she remarks on it and freaks out. Sorry Sera, whether you like it or not you're still an elf. And speaking of elves, well - turns out the gods weren't gods at all but really powerful mages who enslaved fellow elves. Oops. So Solas was Harriet Tubman running the underground railroad and helping others escape and rebel. Our crew doesn't know what we know and this is all very bizarre to them.

Qunari are all up in our shit much like the Jaws of Hakkon were. Considering we only let a boat get blown up this seems like an overreaction. They may have been trying to invade via the palace, but we'll have to find out more before we know for sure. Plus there's some angry mage running around turning people into statues and blowing stuff up. We're gonna have to keep ignoring the Exalted Council until we get this under control. Josie shows a rare bit of temper here, she's even grumpy if you romanced her. We'll have to dive back into the Crossroads to make any progress on this problem.