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Part 79: Put ze candle back!

Put ze candle back!

Going to look for the Viddasala. We get lots of codex entries and learn that Solas created the veil. Current elven lore tells us that Fen'Harel tricked the gods into sealing themselves away, but it seems he might have been a bit more proactive.

This is what we can piece together: Ancient elves were dicks, enslaving their own people. They started shit with the Titans, probably to get lyrium to magnify their powers even further. It started a ruckus with the dwarves, who were forced underground and somehow severed from the fade so no more magic or dreams for them. Solas encourages enslaved elves to rebel. When that doesn't work he creates the veil which locks the Evanuris away, then goes on a bender and passes out for a thousand years or so. He wakes up with his artifact which he is now too weak to use, so he gives it to Corypheus who has enough strength to use it. To what purpose we don't know, but of course this plan backfires and then we get the explosion at the Conclave, the Breach, and the anchor. When we defeated Corypheus we broke the artifact so whatever Solas had planned for it went out the window. Our anchor is acting all funky because it's reacting to this new surge in the elven magic. Fen'Harel's agent is running around causing problems for the Qunari. We still gotta find the Viddasala and figure out what she's up to.

I did this video with my "improved" method, which allows me to render it on the PS4, reducing my production time by about 90%. Please let me know if you see any desync issues or other problems - I viewed it on my computer and it seemed all right but sometimes Youtube does weird shit in processing.