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Part 80: Pretty much fucked

Pretty much fucked

A mission that starts off fairly straightforward ends on a rather dark note.

We do finally find out what the Viddasala is up to. She says "The Qun" decided after the breach the South was a complete fuckup (honestly on most counts she's not wrong) and it was decided that they were going to invade. Now whether this is the official stance of the Qunari or some shadowy cabal we don't know. If it's official then that's really fucked up and a damn good reason not to ally with them because this all happened before they reached out to us. This would be a stupid plan since the last time all the nations banded together and kicked their asses, but this time they thought ahead to destroy all of the governing nobility so that there was little to no resistance. If Bull is still with the Qunari he swears up and down it's some renegade group.

And thanks a fucking lot Kirkwall, AGAIN. Your shitty handling of everything caused a ton of elves to convert. Then they went out and all got jobs in palaces because the elves are a permanent underclass and have been receiving orders. This includes us, so we're apparently infested with all sorts of agents. I understand the elves' wanting to be treated better, but if the Qunari don't pull this off then I feel like every elf is gonna end up being scapegoated even worse than before. I'm surprised nobody makes a mention of this to Butts. I guess Dalish aren't really the problem but that's like expecting your average 'Murican to know the difference between a Sunni and Shiite Muslim. Assuming we survive this (and that ain't looking good either ) we're going to have to reexamine every single person working for us, elf or not. And our friends are fighting. Goddamnit.