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Part 81: All good things must end

All good things must end

We enter the Darvaarad to find a fuckload of broken Eluvians and the meaning behind Dragon's Breath. It's rather literal. The Qunari are working on unlocking as many Eluvians as they can, and also fucking around with Red Lyrium. You'd think the reports they'd gotten from Bull before he defected would keep them from playing around with the shit, but like Sera says they're convinced that they're smarter than anyone else and so nothing bad will happen. Then we find the note there from someone named Saarath and it seems it's doing its work already.

Now on the thing with Bull, I had decided we were gonna have him go Tal-Vashoth and save the Chargers when I started the LP. Turns out that was a good move on my part, since otherwise we'd have to murder him and we'd all be very sad It's pretty shocking when it happens. It's nice that they have real consequences here instead of the stupid RBG ending of Mass Effect. Bull's a pretty popular character so I'm sure a lot of people were pissed off. It will also probably reduce the number of people keeping him allied with the Qun

The Qunari are pursuing Solas because they think he's an agent of Fen'Harel. He's apparently the one who's been causing all the shit in the Crossroads and is responsible for the dead Qunari at the Winter Palace. We don't know what his game is but being good folk we're not gonna let the Qunari get to him. Considering all the ossified/melted ones we've run into he probably doesn't need our help, but hey.

There really wasn't a sensible way to break up the next section, so the LP will be concluded with 1 more video that will be fairly long (around 45 minutes). It's been a good ride, you guys