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Part 82: A farewell to arms

A farewell to arms

It's been a long road. Finally we catch up to Viddasala and fight her pet Saarebas. This is the guy who wrote the letter to Tallis. I think she had him drinking regular lyrium by the bucketload, and then he was fooling around with red lyrium as well so he went kinda bugfuck. I cut out a bit of the first section since it was really just 5 more minutes of combat and the video was long enough. The mark now generates focus at an alarming rate, and if you don't pay attention and either manually detonate it or use a focus power it blows up, damaging everyone, you and your party included. I hope the song sounds ok, my setup is fine for commentary but not so great for music (yeah, that's me playing/singing - is this the first LP where someone did their own musical number?).

And then we meet Mr. Fen'Harel himself. This episode could also be titled What the Fuck, Solas? Finally Butts makes the connection and we get to find out how all this shit happened. The breach was an oopsie, Corypheus was an oopsie, the mark was an oopsie. I guess that's better than the alternative though - the world destroyed so Solas can un-fuck his fuck up and fuck things up for everyone in the process. Let's face it, Solas is a fuck up. Maybe not as bad as ol' Cory, but pretty goddamn close. Like I understand he thought he was doing what was right way back when and then feels guilty for all the bad shit that happened afterwards. But other than the dudes at the Temple of Mythal, what original elves are left? He doesn't mention us in this future except that we're gonna die, so I'm not imagining suddenly everyone with elven blood is going to turn into a fade-master immortal. I doubt he told his followers that, either. His brilliant idea is now to kill millions more people to make up for killing millions of people. Great fuckin' plan there, buddy.

And finally, the fate of us and the Inquisition. Didn't have to think on this one too hard - even with Leliana as Divine I didn't feel like Butts would be interested in serving the Chantry. Anyway she's got a sweet crossbow arm to get some use out of and may end up doing things for Lel on the sly anyway (she certainly won't be the left hand though HO HO HO). Also it's really satisfying to tell everyone to get fucked, not to mention as a large organization it's harder to keep track of people and Solas's spies are everywhere. Then a very not-subtle hint as to where DA4 will be set. Hope everyone has their walking shoes on!

And those fucking credits. Miranda Raison

Well now the LP is done so there's nothing to spoil. Knock yourselves out talking about whatever. I sure do hope everyone enjoyed it. It was a hell of a lot of work but I had fun and hope you did, too.