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Part 100: Stand And Deliver


Previously posted:

Everyone's decamped to Denerim in preparation for the Landsmeet...

[Now that the endgame's kinda begun, our entire party has moved to Arl Eamon's swanky mansion in downtown Denerim. This place functions like a party camp- we can chat with our pals, change party members, heal our wounds, etc.

The only thing it lacks is merchants- no Bodahn and Sandal to enchant our weapons and lighten our wallets.]

This is a nice change from having to sleep in the woods, isn't it?

[Everyone's got a unique line showing how well they're adapting to Big City Life.]

If one more servant asks if I would like a change of clothes, I will set the house on fire.

[Or not.]

[We can chat with the staff too.]

Excuse me. I have to dust the arl's sitting room.

Are you from Denerim?

No, I‘m from Redcliffe. Lady Isolde brought me here to be her chambermaid last spring. I've family here, though.

I beg your pardon, ser, but I really can't be seen standing about. The housekeeper will have my head. Good day.

Is it hygienic to have a cat on the kitchen table?

Cat hair's my secret ingredient. Adds texture.

I think I'll eat out tonight. And every other night. Forever.

[The book on the kitchen table contains this recipe. Looks... delicious.]

[Let's get out on the mean streets.]

[We're back in the Denerim Market District! We can hit up all our old friends for money and sidequests.

As requested by the thread, we're running with a rogue dominated party. Specifically, 60% Rogue, 20% Rock Man and 20% Barkley.]

He certainly does.

(Snorts) I watched many such couplings during the time I spent immobile in Honnleath. Or I should say I was forced to watch.

You do know that this usually ends in reproduction. I have seen it many times, indeed.

Oh? That is not such a terrible thought. Creating a new life can be a great deal of fun.

Not always. When a golem is created, it involves an agony one would not believe. How fun is that, painted elf?

Oh, I don't know. It could be plenty of fun, if done right.

Now the painted elf jests with me.

[Moving on...]

Hey, it's Slim!

Good to see you, Warden. Fighting the good fight, eh?

You have a mark for me?

One more swipe and no one will ever forget it. I guarantee you'll love it. Six sovereigns.

[Now the Landsmeet is beginning, Slim has some new crimes for us.]

(Pay 6 sovereigns] This better be worth it.

Teyrn Loghain is out in the field. I figure you'd like to get back at him, right?

Word is that his seneschal has been getting the teyrn's crown all nice and sparkly for the Landsmeet.

The seneschal is taking a bit of a rest at the Gnawed Noble Tavern. He won't be there long.

He has a heavy guard, but if you can make off with the tyrant's own crown--think of the embarrassment!

I love it. The heist of the century, they'll call it.

That's all I know. I hope it's enough!

[The Tavern is back on the other side of the marketplace.]

There's some high-powered discussions happening in this dive.

Several nations' fates have been decided in dive bars. They're almost as well-connected as brothels.

[Bryce was the father of the Human Noble character, before he got murdered by Arl Howe in their origin story.

Urien was the Arl of Denerim before he died at Ostagar. He has since been conveniently replaced by Arl Howe. His son, Vaughan, causes a lot of trouble in the City Elf origin story.

Dragon Age is a rich tapestry of interlinked stories, most of which end with people being murdered by Arl Howe.]

The only thing that truly worries me is Eamon's notion of putting this bastard on Maric's throne. It's an ill precedent.

True. I would rather see Anora keep the throne myself. Better it passes to the Mac Tir line than to some by-blow.

Better a commoner than a bastard? Sounds dangerously progressive.

[More Big Talk happening on the other side of the bar.]

Overrun? Has the Blight truly spread so far?

Most of my freeholders have fled to Redcliffe and Lothering, but I doubt they'll be safe there for long.

Lothering was destroyed by the darkspawn months ago.


Maker's breath... Bryland, I had no idea.

Be careful how loudly you speak of it...Wulff lost both his boys to darkspawn, trying to evacuate West Hills.

Lady Andraste, pray for us...

[Wulff is sat nearby.]

Wonderful, another one. I suppose you're here to ask for a donation, too.

West Hills Arling belongs to the darkspawn now, girl.

Perhaps they're interested in giving sovereigns to the Chantry, feeding orphans, clothing idiots, or whatever it is you want.

I'm not here for a handout. I'm a Grey Warden. Do you have any sidequests?

Shouldn't you be dead, then? How quick did you cut leash and run at Ostagar?

No matter. I've nothing left for you to take, Grey Warden. Not even my sons. You're wasting your time here.

What happened to your sons?

What do you think happened? Did the Blight escape your notice?

War claims the young and strong first. And plague doesn't care about skill or bravery.

(Sigh) There's no point talking about it. Leave me. I've nothing for you, anyway.

[So that's Wulff. Cool name, dreary guy.

Back to the crimes...]

Nobody goes in the room. By authority of Teyrn Loghain.

(Intimidate) Stand aside or be thrown aside.

I'll take none... of... Sweet Andraste.

Yeah, that's right. You know who I am, right? Five guards can't stop me. Run.

Th-Thank you. Men, run! Run for your lives!

[The seneschal doesn't turn around to speak to you. How rude!]

I say, what's the meaning of this?

As crass as it sounds, this is a robbery.

A robbery? But you... You're the Warden.


I... uh... here. Please, spare me!

Cool. Bye.

I am never going to be able to show my face in criminal circles again.

What? We got the crown.

What about subtlety? What about the art of the heist? Crime isn't just... shouting at people until they give you their valuables.

No, that's religion.



[Shouting at people is the legit best way to get the crown. You can bust in and kill everyone, you can stealth past the guards and pickpocket the seneschal, or you can bribe the waitresses to serve the soldiers poison drinks. All take more effort and/or money than just using your angry words.]

[Let's go fence this hot, hot crown. Sadly you can't use it to screw with Loghain later.]

Gorim! Gorim! Gorim! Check it out!

...The regent is definitely going to have me killed for this.

Yeah, yeah. How much?

24 sovereigns. Please leave before you're spotted.

Aren't you going to put it on? Looks about your size.

...Maybe later.

You're back, eh?

The teyrn's crown. Ho, ho! That's rich.

You have to admit that was worth every copper you paid me, eh?

They're calling you "The Dark Wolf." What do you think of that? Ha. Too bad no one can know; you could get a Iot of action.

I'm not sure I want action with people impressed by the name "Dark Wolf".

There's nothing more I can offer you like that. Anything else you fancy?

[We've finished all the robbery quests now, and earned a cool nickname to boot. There's still one burglary quest left, which doesn't unlock until after we steal the crown.]

Know of any good places to break in?

I have one last job. A legendary one. Ho, ho. A paltry ten sovereigns is my take.

(Pay 10 sovereigns) So I'm going to be a legend?

Bann Franderel is one of the richest men in the entire kingdom.

At his grand ball next week he's displaying some of his priceless treasures.

Paintings of old masters, the armament of the first king of Denerim, and more--oh more.

Now this sounds like proper crime.

Mages have put up magical wards, but I've got a route that will bypass that.

Once inside, I've no idea how you'll deal with the guards--but if you do, you'll be rich and infamous.

I can't wait to see what people say!

[The Bann's estate has appeared on our map. Crime ahoy!]

Wait, what is this place?

And why is it full of traps?

And so here is the mighty Grey Warden at long last. The Crows send their greetings, once again.

[This random encounter shows up when you travel around Denerim after the Landsmeet begins. If Zevran wasn't in our party he would show up here as well.]

So they sent you, Taliesen? Or did you volunteer for the job?

I volunteered, of course. When I heard that the great Zevran had gone rogue, I simply had to see it for myself.

Is that so? Well here I am, in the flesh.

You can return with me, Zevran. I know why you did this, and I don't blame you. It's not too late. Come back and we'll make up a story. Anyone can make a mistake.

Of course, I'd need to be dead first.

And I'm not about to let that happen.

What?! You've gone soft!

I'm sorry, my old friend. But the answer is no. I'm not coming back... and you should have stayed in Antiva.

How did we not see all these people?!

[Leliana got swarmed early, which led her AI to trigger her "Captivating Song" power, paralysing all the enemies nearby and letting Zevran get in some easy hits.]

[None of these guys are very strong, but because Some People thought it was a good idea to run with a party less durable than damp tissue, this fight was tougher than it should've been.]

And there it is. Taliesen is dead, and I am free of the Crows.

They will assume that I am dead along with Taliesen. So long as I do not make my presence known to them, they will not seek me out.

"Welp, the guy we sent out to murder him got himself murdered real good. Let's never talk about Zevran again."

The Crows understand the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

That's a good thing, right?

A very good thing. It is, in fact, what I had hoped for ever since you decided not to kill me.

I suppose it would be possible for me to leave, now, if I wished. I could go far away, somewhere where the Crows would never find me.

I think, however, that I could also stay here. I made an oath to help you, after all. And saving the world seems a worthy task to see through to the end, yes?

The sex is pretty good too.


I would be glad to have you stay.

Then stay I shall. I'm with you until the end... provided you do not tire of me first. Or I die. Or you die. But there you go.

Let us return to the task at hand, then. There is still much to be done, yes?

Yeah, these corpses won't loot themselves.

[Zevran's dead friend has some niiiice gloves.]

[Anyway, we press on to Bann Franderel's estate.]


I'm in.

Why are we whispering?

Where is everyone?

I thought there'd be more violence by now.

Damn! A waist high blockade! If only we could jump.

There must be another way.

Distinct lack of riches in here.

The wine might be worth something. Let's see... Anderfels red? I wouldn't give this to Barkley.

A treasure chest?


What is it?

A metaphor, Zevran.


A trap! An obvious trap! Why do I keep falling for these things?!

NEXT TIME: Slim's got some questions to answer.

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