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Part 13: Unlucky For Some


Previously posted:

The Joining is complete and Bianca is now a Grey Warden, although Jory and Daveth weren't so fortunate. Now, what's that about an army of Darkspawn...?

It is finished. Welcome.

Two more deaths. In my Joining, only one of us died, but it was... horrible. I'm glad at least one of you made it through.

How do you feel?

I still can't believe you killed Ser Jory! He had a pregnant wife! He was only 6 days from retirement! He'd just bought a boat!

Jory was warned that there was no turning back, as were you all. When he went for his blade, however, he left me no choice.

It brought me no pleasure to end his life. The Blight demands sacrifices from us all. Thankfully, you stand here as proof they are not all made in vain.

Did you have dreams? I had terrible dreams after my Joining.

It could be something to do with all the cheese you eat up here.

Such dreams come when you begin to sense the darkspawn, as we all do. That and many other things can be explained in the months to come.

Before I forget, there is one last part to your Joining.

We take some of that blood and put it in a pendant. Something to remind us... of those who didn't make it this far.

Take some time. When you are ready, I'd like you to accompany me to a meeting with the king.

I still feel in shock...

Death is never easy to accept, especially when it arrives in such a brutal fashion.

Honor your comrades if you wish, but know that we must press forward. Always, we must press forward.

The meeting is to the west, down the stairs. Please attend as soon as you are able.

[And now we're really a Grey Warden. Disappointingly this makes absolutely no difference to anything, despite the canon stating that Wardens get all sorts of cool magic powers in exchange for poisoning themselves with darkspawn goo.

We also got a level up out of it, so I bolstered Bianca's lockpicking. I'm not going to discuss leveling and skill gains from here on out, as most of them are fairly dull. I will talk about any particularly spectacular or game-breaking skills when the time comes.]

[There's nothing to do around Ostagar now, so after selling all my junk items at the quartermaster, I'm good to go. This next conversation is another point of no return, Ostagar is locked off after it.]

Loghain, my decision is final. I will stand by the Grey Wardens in this assault.

You risk too much, Cailan! The darkspawn horde is too dangerous for you to be playing hero on the front lines.

If that's the case, perhaps we should wait for the Orlesian forces to join us, after all.

I must repeat my protest to your fool notion that we need the Orlesians to defend ourselves!

It's not a "fool notion." Our arguments with the Orlesians are a thing of the past... and you will remember who is king.

Now there's a phrase that usually precedes an execution.

How fortunate Maric did not live to see his son ready to hand Ferelden over to those who enslaved us for a century!

Then our current forces will have to suffice, won't they? Duncan, are your men ready for battle?

They are, your Majesty.

And this is the recruit I met earlier on the road? I understand congratulations are in order.

Thank you, your Majesty.

Every Grey Warden is needed now. You should be honored to join their ranks.

Your fascination with glory and legends will be your undoing. We must attend to reality.

The reality where we are fighting a magical army of monsters led by a dragon?

Fine. Speak your strategy. The Grey Wardens and I draw the darkspawn into charging our lines and then...?

You will alert the tower to light the beacon, signalling my men to charge from cover.

To flank the darkspawn, I remember. Wait, are we supposed to be the arrows or the little squiggles?

The little squiggles, your Majesty.

This is the Tower of Ishal in the ruins, yes? Who shall light this beacon?

I have a few men stationed there. It's not a dangerous task, but it is vital.

Then we should send our best. Send Alistair and the new Grey Warden to make sure it's done.

I'll do my best, your Majesty. I think I can handle lighting a bonfire.

You rely on these Grey Wardens too much. Is that truly wise?

Enough of your conspiracy theories, Loghain. Grey Wardens battle the Blight, no matter where they're from.

Your Majesty, you should consider the possibility of the archdemon appearing.

There have been no signs of any dragons in the Wilds.

Isn't that what your men are here for, Duncan?

I... yes, your Majesty.

Your Majesty, the tower and its beacon are unnecessary. The Circle of Magi--

[Remember this bald man. There will be a test later.]

We will not trust any lives to your spells, mage! Save them for the darkspawn!

You're okay with us vaporizing hordes of monsters, but sending up a flare is ungodly?

Cease your pragmatical heresy! It has no place here!

Enough! This plan will suffice. The Grey Wardens will light the beacon.

Thank you, Loghain. I cannot wait for that glorious moment! The Grey Wardens battle beside the king of Ferelden to stem the tide of evil!

Yes, Cailan. A glorious moment for us all.


Sorry, did I say that out loud?


You heard the plan. You and Alistair will go to the Tower of Ishal and ensure the beacon is lit.

What? I won't be in the battle?

This is by the king's personal request, Alistair. If the beacon is not lit, Teyrn Loghain's men won't know when to charge.

So he needs two Grey Wardens standing up there holding the torch. Just in case, right?

The last time I got sidelined like this, I ended up exiled.

Ah, but we are far from the politics of Orzammar here, and you have no brothers to interfere this time.

We must do whatever it takes to destroy the darkspawn... exciting or no.

I get it. I get it. Just so you know, if the king ever asks me to put on a dress and dance the Remigold, I'm drawing the line. Darkspawn or no.

I don't know. That could be a great distraction.

Me shimmying down the darkspawn line? Sure, we could kill them while they roll around laughing.

The tower is on the other side of the gorge from the king's camp, the way we came when we arrived.

You'll need to cross the gorge and head through the gate and up to the tower entrance. From the top, you'll overlook the entire valley.

Where will you be?

I will be fighting besides the king with the rest of the Grey Wardens. Again, at his request.

We will signal you when the time is right. Alistair will know what to look for.

How much time do we have?

The battle is about to begin. Once I leave, move quickly. You'll have less than an hour.

What if the archdemon appears?

We soil our drawers, that's what.

If it does, leave it to us. I want no heroics from either of you.

No heroics, huh? I know what I have to do.

Then I must join the others. From here, you two are on your own. Remember, you are both Grey Wardens. I expect you to be worthy of that title.

Duncan... may the Maker watch over you.

May he watch over us all.

I guess we'd better head to the tower.

Looks like a storm's rolling in. At least we'll be dry.

I can't believe you're wearing that stupid helmet.

This helmet is great. Wanna see my Qunari impression?

...Sounds like the battle's starting.

[VIDEO: The Battle of Ostagar]

The plan will work, your Majesty.

Of course it will. The Blight ends here.




Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of... oh, they've gone.


For Ferelden!




I'm thinking maybe we're not so safe up here.

Let's cross the bridge and get to the Tower of Ishal!

[You can see the battle raging below the bridge. And by raging, I mean you see little men cycle through an animation loop while the soundtrack goes crazy with explosions and screaming. It's quite atmospheric, as long as you don't watch for too long.]

That rock's headed right for us!




Phew, made it across. Should be safe now.

...Or not.

You... you're Grey Wardens, aren't you?! The tower... it's been taken!

What are you talking about, man? Taken how?

The darkspawn came up through the lower chambers! They're everywhere! Most of our men are dead!

Then we have to get to the beacon and light it ourselves!

Why is nothing ever easy?

NEXT TIME: Maximum ogredrive.