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Part 140: Goodbyeeeeee


Previously posted:

After 137 updates we're finally here. It's the very end of Dragon Age: Origins. Frankly, it's going to be a bit of an anti-climax, but what the heck. We'll have fun. Something something ancient artifact Morrigan schemes magic lights etc etc...

[Last time we got the ancient Elven doodad that'll let us fix the broken Eluvian hidden in these ruins. We can then use that Eluvian to find Morrigan... somehow. It's magic!]

Oh, I'm so excited!

Don't embarass us in front of the ghosts, Finn.

Couldn't pass up a chance to learn more about the ancient elves, and the mirrors. Besides, the company is good.


I meant the dog.

[These ruins are from the Dalish Elf origin story, and are riddled with elves infected with darkspawn mojo.

I wonder if the original concept for this DLC was revisiting every Origin location, which then got cut back to just the mage and elf origins. It would have been a nice example of the plot going full circle.]

You... don‘t think it's contagious, do you?

Oh no! It's Xenahort!

Kill him before another dozen show up!

[Chasing the Key Master will cause him to summon a bunch of Shrieks and infected elves before fleeing.]

Get 'em, Barkley!

[This is the only puzzle in this dungeon. The door to the Eluvian is locked and the Key Master holds the key. That's it.]

Key Master is a pretty lame title.

The other mages must have been so cruel to him.

Key Master is an important and well-respected role, actually.

[There's a sweet bow in this chest nearby.]

[This isn't as good as the super bow we got from Awakening, but it's still amazing. For some reason all the really good magical artifacts only appear after the apocalypse has been dealt with.]

Who even locked this? Never knew the darkspawn to be so security conscious.

It must have been really something, once.

A mirror, and a mirror of mirrors.

I can't believe this is one of the Eluvians. It's magnificent... and broken.

Mostly broken.

With the shard, and the Lights of Arlathan, we should be able to scry for an unbroken mirror.

This looks like a suitable place to do the ritual. We can start whenever you're ready.

Do the thing, Finn.

Get ready!

[A dozen or so Lesser Shades spawn in and attempt to attack Finn. Bianca, Barkley and Ariane have to hold them off so Finn can make the magic happen. There's no fail state to this- Finn can't die here.]

I think that's the last of them.

Phew! Am I bleeding? Oh look, a rip in my robe.


So, who's going to carry him out?

I-I'm... alright...

What happened to, "Ariane, give us your blood. Who cares if it hurts?"

It's... my blood. That‘s different.

Don't be such a baby.

Oh, er... sorry.

I've pinpointed another Eluvian. It's in the Dragonbone Wastes.

The Tevinters probably moved it there to see if the ancient dragon bones could enhance the Eluvian‘s power.

I've been to the Dragonbone Wastes. I saw no mirror. Lot of goo though. Maggots with faces. Screaming tentacle monsters. It was a real scene.

It might be hidden... or only appear to those who know its location... Maggots with faces?

You don't want to know. What do we do when we're there?

We examine the mirror. It might give clues to what Morrigan’s doing. If she's looking for the Eluvians as well, she might even be there.

Shall we?




[We return to Ferelden's cheeriest neighborhood.]

We're here. Keep your eyes open for dragons. And mirrors.

Hey! What are you doing with those most holy relics?!

These guys are new.

Why would anyone worship a dragon?

Dragons are big, powerful, and they breathe fire. Some people are easily impressed.

[There are a lot of cultists hanging around this area, doing unsavory things with bones.]

Never pass up a chest. Huh. If I've learned one thing from this adventure...

[There is literally only one enemy left to fight in the entire game, why are you giving me this now?!?]

What... is.... that?

A... a varterral! It can't be; they're only legends!


It is said they were rock and tree, wind and rain, given form and breath by the elven gods to protect their people.

To protect their people? Then why does it look like it's going to eat you?

Get ready!


[The Varterral's main attack is vomiting acid pools at you, creating a lingering AoE. It can also Scream to stun characters and will periodically summon baby dragons to attack you.]

[It can also just beat you to death with its beefy insect arms.

This whole fight is referenced in Dragon Age 2, where you have to fight another Varterral as part of your companion Merril's personal quest. That quest also involves Eluvians, because it turns out magic mirrors are really important to the Dragon Age metaplot.]

Well, so much for the gods.

I do not like its little hands.

This is a bad omen. Or possibly a good omen. I'm not sure.

It definitely signifies that something happened.

Let's leave before any more messengers of the gods show up.


Ah, memories. Awful memories.

Here? It was here the whole time?!

The Eluvian! And it's... glowing? We should--

VIDEO: Morrigan Explains It All


I think she's expecting you.

Good boy.

Ask her about our book!

No further, please.

One more step and I leave. For good, this time.

Hello to you too, Morrigan.

I assume you know what this is.

I have gone to great lengths to find and activate this portal.

Give me reason and I use it, and you will not be able to follow.

The Eluvians are portals? To where?

To another place, beyond this world and beyond the Fade.

But this portal can only be used once more. Achieving even this much was... difficult.

I remained to see if it was truly you. I had to know.

Tell me; why did you come?

[Witch Hunt makes a lot more sense if you're playing as a male character who romanced Morrigan. This finale caps a whole big romantic saga if you did. It falls a little flat if you're just a gal here to check out what your old pal's been up to lately.]

We were friends once, Morrigan.

So you chase me all this way to... offer help?

I was also curious. About everything, really.

I will never understand you. And you will never understand me.

We helped each other even so.

Yes, I suppose we did.

I... would not even know where to begin explaining.

Tell me where the child is.

He is safe, and beyond your reach.

All you need know is that the child is an innocent. He knows nothing of the destiny that lies before him.

What is your plan? I want to know.

My plan is to leave, and prepare the child for what is to come.

Such preparation requires time. And power. I must have both if I am to be successful.

More than this, I dare not say. Even to you.

No more questions.

Then allow me to provide you a warning.

'Tis Flemeth you should beware of, not me. Hunt her, if you hunt anyone.

Flemeth is dead.

My mother has tricked her way past death and more. She is no more finished than I am.

I thought I knew what Flemeth planned. I thought what she craved was immortality.

And yet I was wrong. So very wrong.

The ritual was but a means to an end, a herald for what is to come.

Why? What is going to happen?

Change is coming to the world.

Many fear change, and will fight it with every fibre of their being.

But sometimes change is what they need most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free.

And is that what you want? To be free?

What I want... is unimportant now.

I cannot tarry longer. The time has come for me to go.

Will I see you again?

Not if you are fortunate.

There is one last thing I must tell you, if you will allow me.

I left you a gift.

The Dalish book is there, and something you will find of great interest.

Goodbye, my friend.


You didn't ask her about the book!

I was distracted by all the ominous foreshadowing. Your book's fine by the way.

So what was the gift she mentioned?

Something for another time, I think.

Anyway... Pub? I know a good place in Amaranthine.

I should really be getting back--

Live a little, Finn. We won!

Yeah. We won.