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Part 20: Leaving Las Lothering


Previously posted:

We've recruited a mentally unstable ex-nun and 7 foot tall child murderer. The save-the-world gang is coming along nicely. I guess it's time to have a last few expository conversations, then leave this one horse town forever...

Why have we returned here? Did you need another lecture on how wicked everyone is?

Come, Morrigan, it is not so bad. Sometimes they just lecture on how wicked the elves are.

Most of the village's goods are stockpiled here. They may be willing to donate some to the cause.

You'll note I said donate and not “donate”.

Yes, my lady? Who might you be?

You can call me Bianca.

I am Ser Bryant, commander of Lothering's remaining templars.

You don't seem like the other refugees. Are you one of Arl Eamon's knights?

Arl Eamon?

...I'm a Grey Warden, actually.

I... see.

Teyrn Loghain declared all Grey Wardens traitors, responsible for the king's death. You know this, I hope?

The Grey Wardens did no such thing.

I don't believe the Grey Wardens would be as careless or malicious as the teyrn claims, but either way, there it is.

It is best you not linger, though. Just... in case.

Is there any other help you can offer?

I cannot openly help you, I fear, but... here, take this key.

It opens the large cabinet on the far wall. There is more there than we can carry when we evacuate, so take what you need.

I also need some information

If the matter is important, certainly.

Are you the only protection this village has?

Our bann was summoned by Teyrn Loqhain, and he took his soldiers north with him.

Despite the darkspawn horde bearing down on you?

Despite that, yes. Lothering has been abandoned.

Have you heard any recent news?

Other than the darkspawn horde bearing down on us?

None of it is good. Teyrn Loghain is set to declare himself king, I hear. Disaster piled on disaster.

Most people consider Teyrn Loghain a hero. Most people not currently talking to you anyway.

Teyrn Loghain has no legitimate claim on the throne. He may be a hero, and his daughter may be queen, but he is a commoner and the king's corpse is barely cold.

If Arl Eamon was able to intervene, perhaps it would not have gone this far.

I do not care who takes the throne. Only fools fight over who owns a cottage while it burns down around them.

You are literally the most sensible person I've met since coming to the surface. I feel like I should applaud.

Thank you. Now, unless there's something else you need?

Things seem very dire in the village. Price gougers, giant spiders, bandit running a toll...

They are. With the bann having taken his men north, the village is left to its fate.

We will evacuate as many as we can before the horde teaches us. I will stay as long as I am needed.

About those bandits outside the village...

Maker's breath! How many times must we drive them off?!

You need to watch the roads more carefully.

[Sigh] We can barely keep order here in the village.

[You can demand Bryant recompense you if you were robbed by the bandits, or even if you weren't robbed but feel like making some extra cash.]

Ser Varal! Those fool bandits have returned. Take some men and drive them off. And see if you can't capture that leader of theirs this time.

As you command, Ser Bryant!

The system works!

Now, unless there's something else you need?

I should go.

Travel safely, and may the Maker watch over you.

[Near Bryant is one of the knights he mentioned.]


I beg your pardon. I did not see you approach.

Ser Donall...? Is that you?

Alistair? By the Maker, how are you? I... I was certain you were dead!

Not yet, no thanks to Teyrn Loghain.

If Arl Eamon were well, he'd set Loghain straight soon enough.

But if Arl Eamon is sick, why are you here?

Our only hope now is a miracle. Every knight of Redcliffe has gone in search of the Urn of Sacred Ashes.

The Urn of Sacred Ashes!

The Urn of Sacred Ashes!!!

The Urn of Sacred Ashes?

Woof woof woof woof woof?

What is the Urn of Sacred Ashes?

Andraste's ashes are said to cure any illness. But I fear we are chasing a fable. With each day, my hope dims.

I was hoping to meet Arl Eamon, in fact.

Why is that, if I may ask?

We need his help against Teyrn Loghain.

I see.

The arl is a popular man, it's true. Teyrn Loghain, however, is a hero throughout Ferelden.

Whatever the teyrn has done or not done, the arl remains ill, or worse. That is my primary concern.

Do you think Loghain is involved with the arl's illness?

The arl fell ill before the king died. But what if Loghain planned that, too? Ah, such thoughts do not sit well with me.

We should see what's happening in Redcliffe ourselves. I believe that now more than ever.


If nothing else, I am certain you would be welcomed at Castle Redcliffe. The arlessa is there, and she could tell you more than I could.

Tell me more about this Urn of Sacred Ashes.

Supposedly, the urn contains the ashes of the prophetess Andraste. Surely you know all this?

We dwarves don't learn much about your religion.

If you're truly interested, there are books here containing a great deal of lore.


Nothing I have found leads me to believe that this was anything more than a quest of desperation.

I intend to return to Redcliffe soon and tell the arlessa exactly tfiat, once Ser Henric arrives.

Who is Ser Henric?

My fellow knight and traveling companion. He is delayed, though.


Your friend Ser Henric is dead. I have something of his.

What?! And you have his locket? And a note?

Maker's mercy. [Sigh] Thank you for giving me these. I would never have known otherwise.

[This is correct. Donall will never leave Lothering unless you give him this note.]

Some bandits killed him outside the village.

Thank you. I wonder how many of us have met similar fates on this mad quest.

With Henric gone, I need to return to Redcliffe. Perhaps later I will seek out the scholar his note mentions. But I must go.

Thank you again, my lady. You have been most helpful.

Well, that's our good deed for the day.

Do they ever stop their incessant blather?

No. It become quite soothing after a while. You could learn to like it.

We can become accustomed to many awful things, had we no choice.

Hey, that's the cabinet Bryant mentioned.

[Sweet health poultices! Also an ice salve, which reduces the amount of ice damage you take for a time. This would be more useful if there were any regular enemies in the game that used ice attacks.

In the console version of the this game, the cabinet also contains some unique armor- the Ancient Elven Boots. These don't ever show up in the PC game because Bioware hates us, apparently.

Next to the cabinet is this guy.]

Yes? What can I do for you?

I have letter for you from the Blackstone Irregulars.

What! How did you recognise me?

Err... dwarven intuition?

Bah! I knew this time would come. I should have listened to my sister. "Sure, sign the paper," she said. "You'll enjoy some coin now, but they'll be back."

I guess I'll see you on the front lines.

[Yup, pressganging that poor sod is the first part of the Blackstone Irregulars questline.

Also, that is one insane recruitment policy. “We'll give you a pile of gold now, as long as you agree to fight for us at some point in the future.” Good job he hadn't, say, taken the money and fled the country.]

[Let's blow this joint.]

You are finished here?

We're done.

So... “Sten”, how long were you in that cage?

Twenty days.

Twenty days?

It might have been closer to thirty. I stopped counting after a while.

What did you do? I mean... twenty days is a long time to sit in one place and do nothing.



Awww. Too bad. That's got serious potential.


Who are those guys?

We done heard what was said. You're a Warden.

I don't know if you killed King Cailan, and Maker forgive me, I don't care.

But that bounty on your head could feed a lot of hungry bellies.


[As you may guess from the conversation, these guys don't show up if you don't tell anyone you're a Warden.]

[They're all weak, starving refugees with no combat chops, but there is a lot of them. You get swarmed by 11 of the bastards.

Pictured: a man dying of fright ice damage.]

A sad state of affairs.

Let's leave Lothering before the next angry mob finds us.

Away with you, foul creatures! Leave us alone!

The Horde moves fast these days.

[The Alpha is the only threat here. Kill 'em all!]

Think that's the last of 'em.

Mighty timely arrival there, my friend. I'm much obliged.

You're welcome.

The name's Bodahn Feddic, merchant and entrepreneur. This here is my son, Sandal. Say hello, my boy.


Road's been mighty dangerous these days. Mind if I ask what brings you out here? Perhaps we're going the same way.

I doubt you want to travel with a Grey Warden.

Grey Wardens, hm? My, that does rather explain a lot.

No offense, but I suspect there's more excitement on your path than my boy and I can handle. Allow me to bid you farewell and good fortune, though.


Bye! I'm sure we'll never meet again.

Now, then. Let's get this mess cleaned up, shall we?

[Near Bodahn is a dead mage, with a sealed letter on him.]

Free loot, if we're ever in that part of the world.

The open road awaits!

But wait! Bianca has leveled up sufficently to gain a specialisation point. Which path shall she choose?


1. Assassin. Gets us passive abilities to boost our backstab damage, and an active talent that increases all damage against a target.

2. Bard. Lets us learn songs; some boost our stats and others stun our enemies.

3. Ranger. Lets us summon animal friends to help us in battle

4. Duelist. Passive bonuses to our damage and defense, and talents that let us stun our enemies and increase our critical hit chance.

Vote early, vote often. Voting closes on Monday.

NEXT TIME: Campfire chats

The Sacred Ashes of Andraste
Adventures of the Black Fox (this codex doesn't have much to do with anything, but you find it in the Lothering Chantry, and I like it, so here it is)