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Part 59: Skellingtons


Previously posted:

Our crew have won the protection of a magical tree, letting them venture deeper into the forest in search of the werewolf progenitor, Witherfang...

[Before we go chasing after Witherfang, there's a sidequest we need to progress.]

[Near the Great Oak is this gravestone, part of the Juggernaut quest we started in Update 56.

As pointed out by Raygeiro, it doesn't unlock until after we activated the gravestone in the other area, despite the fact that this one would almost certainly be encountered first, as it's closer to the elf village. ]

(This is the tombstone of a Tevinter general. The epitaph makes it clear that his spirit was left to guard over something.)

(Disturb the tombstone.)

Hey, tombstone, did you know that fish bladders are used to filter beer?

[So, just like last time, a bunch of skeletons and a Revenant spawn. Then things go bad.

Oh god, this fight, seriously. Your party starts out clumped together around the grave. The skeletons have the high ground, and also a mage on their side. The skeleton mage can and will paralyse a party member as an opening shot. The Revenant is powerful enough to chew through even the beefiest tank in about five hits. Mages die in two. Rogues die in three. There are also a bunch of archers milling around, just to be extra annoying.]

[My first attempt ended with Sten going mano-a-zombo with the Revenant after everyone else was killed. I'd like to report this ended with a spectacular victory, but instead the Revenant got in a critical strike and Sten's health evaporated on the breeze.]

[I was more liberal with the health potions the second time around, but Shale still ended up out for the count. Still, a win's a win.]

[We get another piece of the Juggernaut armor for our trouble.]

There's the mist barrier. Time to see if the tree was on the level.

I can't believe I just said that.


Well, that was anti-climactic.

Uh oh.

The forest has not been vigilant enough. Still you come.

You are stronger than we could have anticipated. The Dalish chose well. But you do not belong here, outsider. Leave this place!

You don't actually expect me to leave, do you?

You came even though we warned you not to. You are as treacherous as the Dalish. We will not allow harm to come to Witherfang!

Why do you call the Dalish treacherous? You attacked them.

And they deserved no less!

Come on, Swifty. Give me something to work with here.

Hrrr. You are an intruder in our home! You come to kill, as all your kind do! We have learned this lesson well.

Here Witherfang protects us. Here we learn our names and are beloved! We will defend Witherfang and this place with our lives!

[This fight is a piece of cake. All you need to do is get Swiftrunner's health down low enough and...]



What the he--Oh, come on, strike a pose, Shale. Everyone else is.

I don't do action shots.


And they're gone... Was that Witherfang?

I thought it would be taller.

[Along the path is another gravestone, which means... Yes! You guessed right. Another Revenant battle.]

[This isn't as bad as the last one. There's no mage for starters.]

[Eventually he falls.]

We're getting pretty good at this.

[Another piece of Juggernaut mail is the prize. One last piece to collect.]

Oh good. More of these hairy idiots.

We are invaded! Intruders have deceived their way into the forest's heart! Fall back to the ruins! Protect the Lady!

The Lady? That's new.

An aristocracy of beasts. How appropriate for Ferelden.

The weres seem to have taken this place for a lair.

Or den.

More signs of the Tevinter. This place will be full of traps, then. Or worse.

[Good advice from Sten there, although we won't see any traps for a little while.

There are also a few werewolves hanging around. And skeletons. Lots and lots of skeletons.]

[And a couple of giant spiders too.]



That didn't sound like a werewolf.

Perhaps it is a very large one. With bronchitis.

[So you enter this room, full of trapped floor panels. You start to disarm them and...]

[...the dragon shows up. A dragon! In Dragon Age! Who would have guessed?]

[It's not too tough, although stunning everyone in one blow is a hell of cheap shot. It also has the mandatory fire breath, although fortunately that mostly hit our fireproof golem pal.]

What the heck was a dragon doing in here?

Eating werewolves probably.

[Killing the dragon gets us its hoard, which includes this snazzy bow and a whole pile of swag. Look at it all!]

That creepy cave looks like the way ahead.


[The ghost disappears and the skeletons show up.]

[It all gets a bit crazy in these cramped corridors.]

Is someone there? ...Someone who isn't an angry skeleton?

Mamae? Mamae na mara san...

Can you hear me? What are you doing here?

Mamae! Mamae! Mamae!

Calm down! What are you seeing?

That was useful.

Can you hear something?

Apart from the angry rattling of the unquiet dead?

And here we go again.

NEXT TIME: More skeletons! And maybe a few answers.

Elven Mythology Special Edition
Andruil: Goddess of the Hunt
Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets
Elgar'nan: God of Vengeance
Falon'Din: Friend of the Dead, the Guide
Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf
Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla
June: God of the Craft
Mythal; the Great Protector
Sylaise: the Hearthkeeper