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Part 62: Dragon Age: The Musical!


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A final confrontation between the elf leader Zathrian and the werewolves he cursed so long ago! Who will our heroes side with?

See? They turn on you as quickly. Do what you have come here to do Grey Warden, or get out of my way.

[And you guys voted to tell Zathrian to go screw, so here goes nothing!]

You’ll end that curse if I have to force you myself!

Then you die with them! All of you will suffer as you deserve!

Why is the elf pointing a cloud at us?

[Then an enormous fight happens.]

[Zathrian is a powerful mage who goes all out with the magics when this battle starts. He also summons two elite Shades and activates the inexplicably dormant Sylvans that were hanging around in this room (you can see them in earlier screenshots).

The werewolves help out, but this is still a pretty challenging fight. Or so you might think.]

[The problem is you only need to kill Zathrian to win the fight. And he’s still just a mage, albeit quite a beefy one. If you cast Mana Clash (a spell that damages enemies based on how much MP they have) you can kill him in about two hits.]

No, no more. I... I cannot... cannot defeat you...

Finish it! Kill him now!!

Shut up Swiftrunner.

Oh, somebody please kill somebody.

No, Swiftrunner. We will not kill him. If there is no room in our hearts for mercy, how may we expect there to be room in his?

I cannot do as you ask, spirit. I am too old... to know mercy. All I see are the faces of my children, my people. I... I cannot do it.

Hasn’t this gone on long enough, Zathrian?

Perhaps I have... lived too long. This hatred in me is like an ancient, gnarled root... It has consumed my soul.

Wow. Didn’t even need a Persuade check for that.

What of you, spirit? You are bound to the curse just as I am. Do you not fear your end?

You are my maker, Zathrian. You gave me form and consciousness where none existed. I have known pain and love, hope and fear, all the joy that is life.

Yet of all things I desire nothing more than an end. I beg you, maker... put an end to me. We beg you... show mercy.

You shame me, spirit. I am… an old man, alive long past his time.

Then you will do it? You will end the curse?

Yes, I think it is time. Let us... let us put an end to it all.



It's... over. She's gone, and... we're human. I can scarcely believe it.

Don’t worry. It could be a lot worse.

Compared to the beast inside that we had to fight every moment, this is just fine. It feels glorious!

So what are you going to do now?

We'll leave the forest, I suppose. Find other humans, see what's out there for us. It should be quite interesting, don‘t you think?

Yes… interesting.

Watch out for darkspawn!

Thank you. We... we'll never forget you.

Awww, shut up Swiftrunner.


It is done. The essence of the wolf's heart has banished all traces of cursed blood from the hunters.

[Hey, it’s Lanaya! Remember Lanaya?]

It is too bad that Zathrian had to die. I... I felt it, when he departed. I think he was ready to go.

Did you know about his connection to the curse?

I suspected, but... Zathrian did not like to talk about that. Nonetheless, the curse is over, and no one else will be subjected to it.

It will be difficult to fill Zathrian's shoes. He was our keeper for many centuries and he will be sorely missed.

But I am keeper now. Let me say it officially then: I hereby swear to uphold the terms of the ancient contract our people formed with the Grey Wardens.

Call and we shall come, with great speed and purpose, and we shall strike at your foes. This I swear.

Thank you, Lanaya.

It has been a long time since the Dalish matched to war... but I trust that, in the end, we shall make a difference for you.

[We did it! Mission accomplished! Let’s do some looting in celebration.]

[The chest behind Lanaya gives up this mysterious songbook. If we had tried stealing it before, Lanaya and Zathrian would have got very annoyed with us. But we’re all friends now, so it’s ours for the taking.]

[Let’s tie up a few more loose ends around the camp.]

[Hey, it's... um... this guy. Remember this guy?]

Greetings to you, friend. I understand I have you to thank for my rescue from the forest?

Yes, that’s me.

I don't want your efforts to go unrewarded. Here is a gem I traded for when I was amongst the outsiders.

I thought to make a necklace out of it for my bride, but I want you to have it. I know it is of worth.

Aw, come on Deygan. It’s not necessary. Keep it, I insist.

You wish me to keep it? Then you are truly generous. Thank you again.

And now I am afraid I must rest. The keeper says I am not yet fully recovered, after all. I wish you well, my friend.

I had heard dwarves were obsessed with the accumulation of wealth. Our mission would be easier if the stereotype was true.

Smiling faces are the only reward I need.


Sten, the greatest wealth is friendship. Give me a hug.

Please stop.

You did it, outsider. You saved us from the ravages of the curse after all.

[Hey, it’s Sarel! Remember Sarel?]

May the creators bless you truly.

But Zathrian is lost to us, after all these centuries. He died heroically, I hope?

Yes, I believe he did.

I would like a happy ending to his tale. He will be a role model for many Dalish children to come.

Oh shit.


Oh… Great!

Yes. Quite. Now Keeper Lanaya prepares for us to enter into war alongside the humans. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

I, for one, look forward to fighting against these darkspawn creatures.

Do you now? Let's hope you return and tell us all about them. As for you, outsider... I expect I'll be telling tales about the Grey Warden one day, hmm?

Oh, let’s not kid ourselves, Sarel. You’re way too racist to tell stories about me.

You’re probably right about that!


Ahh…. Get out of our village.

Then you have not been listening. We did not row to shore last year, we have been about for centuries.

I have listened. I have done little else, in fact, and I yet I do not remember anyone mentioning such a qunari in all my years in the village.

Relying on humans as a source of education is a fool’s errand.

They are rather ignorant aren't they? And feeble. At the best of times.

We have creatures on Par Vollen that are similar. The humans call them "monkeys."

They are dull, cowardly vermin. They cry out shrilly when threatened and throw their own faeces.

That is an excellent comparison. I wonder if they are related?


[Sharles Darwin: Father of Evolution]

[Let’s go back to camp, for a good night’s sleep.]

What’s up, Red?

I was just thinking about what happened to the elves and I... am reminded of a song sung to me, many years ago.

I don’t like where this conversation is going.

It was... when my mother died, and this wise elven woman comforted me and told me that we shouldn't fear death, or hate it.

Death is just another beginning. One day we must all shed our earthly bodies to allow our spirits to fly free.

We believe that we return to the Stone and become ancestors.

And thus you embark upon another journey. Death is just the gateway.


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NEXT TIME: The Quest for the Sharp Object

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