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Part 65: The Real Deal


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The usurper Loghain has seized the throne of Ferelden after framing the Grey Wardens for the king’s murder. The only noble opposing him is the kindly Arl Eamon, who’s been tragically struck down with a nasty case of Certain Death. Only the semi-mythical relic known as Andraste’s Ashes can cure him. Bianca, Alistair, Zevran, Sten and Barkley head for the city of Denerim in search of Brother Genitivi, an expert in semi-mythical relics…

Look my liege! Denerim!



It’s only a skybox.


(Barkley trots off happily.)

I suppose he’s just going off to do some shopping.

Off he goes with his little doggy wallet.

Don’t be silly, Alistair. Dogs don’t have wallets.

Yes, I know. It was a jok—

That’s why he took yours.

He-- what?

(Barkley runs up to you happily. He appears to have found a friend.)



(He wags his tail.)

If he comes with us, he's going to have to fight darkspawn.

(Argumentative bark.)

I know he’s too young. That’s my point.

(Low whine.)

Put him back where you found him.

Also, can I have my wallet back now? Please?

[That scene automatically happens when you enter the market with your dog. ]

[The marketplace is the first district you find in Denerim. It’s full of shops and sidequests and optional flavour conversations. Like this one.]

Good day. The market is busy, is it not?

Come rest here. I have the finest selection of flowers and Orlesian scented oils in all of Denerim.

For you, perhaps? The oils are very relaxing in baths, no?

This has potential.

Quiet, you. What’s there to see in the market?

Much of the city is still a mystery to me, but the market is like my home.

Circle ensorcelled objects can be found in the Wonders of Thedas, in the alleyway north.

The armorer, Wade, and his emporium are just to the south. If you need work, outside the rectory to the southeast is a Chanter’s board.

And if your thirst is strong, head to the Gnawed Noble Tavern north of here. Be prepared, though, they do put on many airs.

The Gnawed Noble? There’s a name with a lot of history behind it. Horrible, horrible history.

Where are you from, Liselle?

I am from Orlais. You've heard of us, no?

This Denerim is a fine city, but I miss my Val Royeaux. She's quite beautiful this time of year.

Why did you leave?

Orlais has many, many good things--but it is sometimes not so good to be... common?

My brother had trouble with a Chevalier and we departed shortly after.

What sort of trouble did you get in?

A Chevalier... took an interest in me. It was his right, but it was unwelcome.

Incensed, my brother hit him over the head with a pot. Such a thing is almost treason.

We left that very night and came here.

But what your brother did is right!

Perhaps where you are from. But in human lands, things are sometimes not so clear.

…Actually, things are probably worse in Orzammar.

Many revere the Chevaliers for their skill, honor, and deeds.

But others tread lightly. As lightly as the mouse in the cat's den.

If you will excuse me. I-I feel a touch light-headed.

Well, that was cheery.

Mm. Her situation reminds me a lot of..!

Dwarven crafts! Fine dwarven—

My lady! My Lady Aeducan? Is-is that really you?

[Ta da! It’s Gorim! He’s returned after only 58 updates.]

Gorim! It is really me! Are you really you?

I knew you survived. I never stopped believing it. And neither did your father. Before I left for the surface, King Endrin sent for me. It was almost more than I could endure, seeing him so.

As if he were long dead and rotten, and now merely an empty husk collapsing in on itself. He could not even rise from his bed, and the room stank of decay.

I knew he was ill but…

The king asked me… to give you the Shield of Aeducan.

The shield… I had almost forgotten about it.

I have carried them with me since I left Orzammar. As angry as I once was with the king, when I saw him that final time... I pitied him.

His eyes have haunted me since. If it were possible for a man to die of regret, I think King Endrin did.

But... we shouldn't dwell on the past. I can hardly tell you how good it is to see you alive.

I can’t believe I’ve found you here, of all places.

Aye. And far happier in my exile than I ever expected to be.

I’m glad you’re happy.

And you?

Oh, sure. Fighting the next Blight. I’m just peachy.

I see your sense of humor hasn’t changed.

My life has been far less dramatic. I--I have married into a surface family. My wife is the daughter of the best smith in Denerim.

We're... expecting our firstborn before the spring.

Gorim Saelac, a merchant. It’s hard to believe it.

And harder to believe that it has made me happier than all the glory and honor in Orzammar.

It is wonderful to see you again, my lady.

But you must have more important business than hearing about me.

Have a look at my father-in-law‘s crafts. All fine work, and I'll cut you a discount.

[Gorim is the best merchant in the game, although that’s not because he has particularly great items. No, it’s because we can sell items to him for twice the price that anywhere else would offer. He also sells us items more cheaply than any other merchant, although we don’t really need most of what he has on offer.

These incredible deals only apply to Dwarven Noble characters by the by. Humans and Elves can go screw.]

The Aeducan Shield… It’s a lot smaller than I remember.

Let’s get going.

Aren’t you going to read your father’s letter?

I… Well… I just—

You should read it.

Read iiiit.

Reeeeead iiiiiit.



Thanks, Dad.

No pressure or anything.

…We should get—

You! You there!

[This guy forces you into conversation just past Gorim.]

I recognize you... from Ostagar.

Andraste's blood, you're a Grey Warden! Duncan's apprentice.

You killed my friend--and good King Cailan. I demand satisfaction, ser.

Loghain’s charges against the Warden’s are false.

So you would compound slander on top of treason? You dare smear Teyrn Loghain‘s word?

Oh, for… Look, me and my large friends—


Me and my two large friends and one petite friend could carve you apart like so much tinned nug, but I’m feeling nostalgic today, so I’m going to give you an out.

(Persuade) Use your wits. The Wardens would never help the darkspawn.

I do not like your tone, ser. But... you may be right.

I may regret this, but I cannot duel someone who may be guiltless.

Leave, Warden. If I find proof, we will meet again.

It’s nice how we make friends wherever we go.

[Brother Genitivi, our whole reason for coming to Denerim, lives in a house south of the market.]

Yes? What are you doing here?

I am looking for Brother Genitivi.

Brother Genitivi? Why?

We’re starting a band, and we hear he’s a killer bassist.

I would like to speak to him about his research.

His research? Ah, you mean his search for Andraste’s Ashes.

He was on the trail of the Urn of Sacred Ashes, yes. Whether he found it... the Maker only knows.

I haven't seen Brother Genitivi in weeks. He's sent no word; it's so unlike him.

I am afraid something has happened. Genitivi's research into the Urn may have led him into danger.

Why would searching for the Urn lead him into danger?

Perhaps the Urn has been lost for a reason. I pray for Genitivi’s safety, but hope dwindles with each passing day.

[Is Bianca’s enormous new bow distracting anyone else looking at these screenshots? It’s distracting me.]

I-I tried to send help, but some knights came from Redcliffe looking for him not long ago. I sent them after Genitivi and they too have disappeared.

Where did you send them?

No, don't ask me where they went. You'll go after them, and what if ill-luck should befall you, too?

This search is a curse, on all of us. Some things are not meant to be found. I know that now.

Thanks, drama queen. I am willing to risk it. Tell me where he went.

(Sigh) So be it.

All he said before he left was that he would be staying at an inn near Lake Calenhad, investigating something in that area.

What exactly was he investigating?

I don't know. All I discovered from going through his research was that he was staying at the inn.

[An incredibly rare stat check appears!]

(Cunning) But you just said that he spoke to you and told you that.

Y-yes, of course he told me, but I also went through his things to see if I could find other clues to his whereabouts.

(Intimidate) You sound nervous. Hiding something?

That's n-not true. I told you everything I know. Brother Genitivi told us--t-told me about the inn and that's all!

Us? Who’s us?

Us? I mean me. T--there is no us... bah! Why do I keep up this charade?

I gave you a chance to turn aside and forget you ever heard of Genitivi and the Urn. But you persisted.

Now it has come to this... Andraste forgive me. I do this in Your Name.

Holy shit!

[As soon as the conversation ends, “Weylon” shoots a fireball point blank at your party, setting himself on fire as well.]

[He is not a good tactician]

Another victim of my incredible logic.

Another victim of Sten. Did anyone see where his head landed?

It’s on the bookshelf over there.

I was aiming for the window.

[There are a few books that unlock codex entries scattered around Genitivi’s house- including an interesting one on Dragon Cults- but our goal is hidden in the back room.]

Alas, poor Weylon.

Wait, how do we know his name was Weylon?

Because it said so above his…. Huh. Hmmm.

[A nearby chest contains this book, which points us to our next destination.]

I guess that’s it for Denerim.

We just got here and we’re leaving?

I’m sure we have time for a little extra trouble before we leave.

Well… maybe a little.

NEXT TIME: The wrath of the proletariat cannot be contained!

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