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Part 74: Ask Me No Questions And I'Ll Tell You No Lies


theshim posted:

If you can, would you show off the other characters' responses to this section? I seem to remember some pretty good building moments.

Before you go, there is something I must ask. I see that the path that led you here was not easy.

There is suffering in your past--your suffering, and the suffering of others.

Do you think you failed Trian?

No. Trian deserved what he got.

Then you do not dwell on past mistakes--neither yours, nor someone else's.

One wonders what this Guardian's purpose is. Be wary of his traps.

It seems that reflection on past mistakes is a constant preoccupation of the religious mind.

Is there any religion that does not thrive upon guilt like a glutton at his lunch? No? I thought not.

It is sometimes difficult to see how our actions affect an outcome, but that does not mean our actions had no effect.

What's past is past. Why bring it up and open old wounds?

And what of those that follow you?

Ask your question, Guardian. I am ready.

You are ever the advisor, ready with a word of wisdom. Do you wonder if you spout only platitudes, burned into your mind in the distant past?

Perhaps you are only a tool used to spread the word of the Circle and the Chantry. Does doubt ever chip away at your truths?

You frame the statement in the form of a question, yet you already know our answers.

There is no sense in hiding, is there? Yes. I do doubt at times. Only the fool is completely certain of himself.

And you... why do you say the Maker speaks to you, when all know that the Maker has left? He spoke only to Andraste. Do you believe yourself Her equal?

I never said that! I--

In Orlais, you were someone. In Lothering, you feared you would lose yourself, become a drab sister, and disappear.

When your brothers and sisters of the Cloister criticized you for what you professed, you were hurt, but you also reveled in it.

It made you special. You enjoyed the attention, even if it was negative.

You're saying I made it up, for... for the attention? I did not! I know what I believe!

Shale, the stone giant... there is so little I can draw from you. I feel the distant echo of a soul, dormant for so long, now awake...

Good for you.

And with the awakening, the slow realization of all you have lost. Ah, Shale... your entire existence is a test of your will and courage.

You have my respect.

And you, Morrigan, Flemeth's daughter... what--

Begone, spirit. I will not play your games.

I will respect your wishes.

The way is open. Good luck, and may you find what you seek.

NEXT TIME: What I said last time


Kavak posted:

I miss the print editions of The Onion, too.
+10 LP points to Kavak. Collect 100 points for a fabulous prize*

*may not exist