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Part 98: Oghrimemo


Previously posted:

Bianca had some rather loud sex and the neighbors got upset. The saga continues...

You're quite taken with each other, aren't you?

You know about Zevran and me?

I almost wish I didn't. Half of us aren't getting any sleep, the way you two carry on all night.

We'll try to keep it down next time. I'll tell Zevran not to bother with the trombone.

That's... uh, kind of you, I suppose. Anyway...

I've noticed your blossoming relationship, and I wanted to ask you where you thought it was going.

It seems he only ever has one thing on his mind. I question the wisdom of a Grey Warden being involved in such an affair.

Zevran is special, and I have fun with him.

Which is why I worry. You are a Grey Warden. You have responsibilities and I fear you will neglect them.

Being a Grey Warden is hard. I need to be myself sometimes.

♫ I just gotta be meeee... ♫

You are a Grey Warden. The title is not a coat that you cast aside at the end of the day. It should inform your every action, your every decision.

The way you are acting now... it is not fitting of a Grey Warden.

My training was curtailed on account of my mentor being very very dead, but I'm preeeeetty sure Grey Wardens are allowed to fuck, Wynne.

But not in the middle of a Blight, surely.

I'm going to keep Zev around, no matter what you say.

If you insist.

I have given my advice. Do with it what you will.

Are you crotchety because of the spirit thing? Is there something we can do to cure you?

Cure me? What? Am I sick now?

You're... a little dead.

Even you know that you cannot cure the dead. And I'm not the only one dying. You are too. I'm just more efficient about it.

Ah, child... your concern is heartwarming, but death comes to everyone, and it is not something to fear.

I'd rather be alive, really.

People fear, not death, but having life taken from them. Many waste the life given to them, occupying themselves with things that do not matter.

When the end comes, they say they did not have time enough to spend with loved ones, to fulfill dreams, to go on adventures they only talked about...

I think I once owned an inspirational tapestry that said that.

But why should you fear death if you are happy with the life you have led, if you can look back on everything and say: 'Yes, I am content. It is enough."

Because we always want more?

Ah, human nature... Dwarfish nature too. You are right. Some people will never be content, and will always want more.

I think I've led a good life, a full life, and I, for one, am not afraid of death, whatever it may bring.

They say that when you die, your spirit travels through the Fade and returns to the Maker. And after that... we'll see, won't we?

Do you have any regrets at all?

I try not to dwell too much on the mistakes of my past, of which there are many. I would go quite mad if I did that.

But I do have one regret--the greatest misstep of my life, made even more grave because it had dire consequences for someone else.

Tell me. It might make you feel better.

Years ago, I was assigned as mentor to a lad, Aneirin. He was my first apprentice.

Aneirin was an elf, raised in one of the elven Alienages, and he was very mistrustful of humans, especially humans in authority.

Humans like you?

I was his mentor, an authority figure. He can't have liked me very much.

AHAB life, huh?

What Aneirin needed was time. Time to get used to his new home, time to emerge from his shell so we could build a rapport.

I gave him no such time. I was young and arrogant. "He is a mage," I thought, "he needs to grow up and act like one."

I expected too much from him, too quickly. I gave no consideration to his origin, or his feelings. And he retreated further from me.

All I could think of was how stubborn he was, how he was throwing away all his talent and his potential, just to be difficult.

Was he talented?

Oh, very much so. Sometimes I would catch him practicing on his own, but if I asked him to show me what he could do, he would freeze up, or fumble terribly.

You cannot plant crops in the cold wintry ground; you cannot teach a student who is closed off and unresponsive.

Patience is what is needed, and I learned that too late to help him.

What happened to Aneirin?

Aneirin ran away from the Circle, one night. I had berated him over some trivial, ridiculous matter that I no longer remember. I drove him away because of something utterly unimportant.

He was a child, fourteen at the time of his leaving. They had his phylactery and they hunted him down...

Why didn't they bring him back to the tower?

They called him "maleficar": a mage who practices forbidden magic, deserving of death. He was a child, misunderstood and lost.

[So yeah, templars kill kids too. Fun people.]

I begged the templars to tell me if he suffered, if they gave him a quick death. I got no answers from them. I was his mentor and they wouldn't even tell me what became of him.

It's not your fault, Wynne.

I should have known better. I had the best mentors; they were kind, compassionate... why didn't I learn from them?

I failed Aneirin. All I had to do was listen to him. He would try to talk to me, and I would tell him to concentrate on his spells.

He talked about the Alienage sometimes... and the Dalish. He always talked about looking for for Dalish elves.

Maybe he did find the Dalish.

The templars are well-trained and thorough. That he still lives... it would be a vain hope.

The apprentices that came after Aneirin benefited greatly from the lessons I learned from him. In a sense, he was my teacher, and I his student.

See, there is a bright side.

And there it is. My story, my one greatest regret.

[We're going to be clearing off a bunch of companion quests in today's update. First up is dealing with an old lady's regrets about the child she had killed.

Accompanying us are Sten and Oghren, because we need sympathy and tact on a mission like this.]


Stop tripping yourself!

If you were significant enough to notice, I wouldn't step on you.

Oh, well... your mother!

...That was disappointing. I expected better from you.

Sorry, I was in a rush.

[Sympathy and tact.]

Hey, Sarel! The savior of your village needs a favor.

Andaran atish'an, Grey Warden. Join us at the fire if you like, but haven't you got a war to get to?

War's on hiatus. Have you ever heard of an elf called Aneirin?

I... I appreciate you trying to find him but what are the chances--

Aneirin the healer...?

Hey, turns out it's not racist to assume all elves know each other.

You... know Aneirin?

He... he lives? No, it can't be him. Perhaps it is a common elven name...

No, I know of only one Aneirin.

Ah, it makes sense! Aneirin said that he was from the human cities. You are old friends then?

If it is the same Aneirin, then yes, Wynne knows him.

If you seek Aneirin, you must venture into the forest. He prefers to be amidst the trees and the animals.

We're amidst trees and animals already.

Yes, but Aneirin prefers to be really amidst them. Like, really... really.... amidst. Do you underst--


Thank you all so much.

Dareth shinral.

[There's no quest marker for Aneirin, you're expected to stagger around the forest until you find him. To save some time let's cut to the end.]

[He's hanging out near the stump where the crazy hermit lives.]

Friends, turn back, please. These woods are a danger to those who do not know the paths--


Wait, I... I remember your face... but younger, more impulsive, stern... Wynne?

I thought they had killed you.

They very nearly did. The templars found me while I was searching for the Dalish... they ran me through and left me for dead.

I brought this on you. Oh, I was dreadful mentor, harsh and impatient... I am sorry for the way I treated you.

I have put that behind me and you should too. I didn't fit in with the templars and your Chantry... my path lay elsewhere.

Irving is a reasonable man. He will find some way for you to return. The Circle needs new blood. It needs to change.

I have fond memories of Irving. He was always kind to me. I will consider your proposal and perhaps I will speak with Irving. However, I promise nothing.

Aneirin, I love how reasonable you're being, but you really don't have to go back to the organisation that tried to murder you.

Now, it is getting late and you have much to do. You should be on your way.

We could stay longer, if you wish it, Wynne.

No, we've spent enough time on my personal affairs. It is time for us to move on.

Look at this. It is the hardened sap of a tree native to this forest. It's been something of a lucky charm for me, and now I want you to have it.

Very well. I am grateful. May your gods smile on you, Aneirin.

And on you.

[Considering how shitty Aneirin's life was, and how persnicketty Dalish elves are in general, it is a goddamn miracle that this sidequest ends with gifts and hugs.

Let's get out of here.]

Mm, ale, is it? And I hope it's brewed hygienically?

Of course! I may not know clean from a beggar's ass when it comes to most things, but I don't mess around with my ale.

Very well, let's have a taste.


Well? Well? What do you think?

You like it? Well, I never...

Attractive amber color. Nutty flavor, slightly sweet, just a hint of toastiness. There‘s some spice to it... I'm finding it hard to place...

Yes? Yes?

Is it... cloves?

CLOVES! By the Stone, you're a lady after my own heart. If I weren't buckled into this armor, I'd take you round the corner and... well, you know.


Thank you so much.

Uh, you're welcome?

You led me to Aneirin. You persisted, even though I was sure all you were going to find was a dead end.

It always feels good to get resolution. Like when I finally got revenge on my brother... Wait.

Finding Aneirin allowed me to bring that chapter of my life to a close. I feel free... a great weight has been lifted off my heart.

This moment... it feels like the moment before the sunrise, when all the world is still, holding its breath waiting for first light...

I can stop thinking about my past, and look forward to the future. Thank you, my friend. You will always have my gratitude.

Don't mention it Wynne. I wish everyone's errands were so easy.

[From serenity to...]

There you are. Wanted to talk to you.

What about?

You and I , we've... You know how sometimes, you spend time with... people, and things... Hm.

I love you too, Oghren.

Ha! Well, I'll be shaved, skinned, and hung up to dry! It‘s too soon, though, lady. Too soon.

Oh no.

I just wanted to ask a favor.

Oh, by the Maker, we don't have time for this.

Oh, aye, you've got time to go off traipsing about after darkspawn, but you got no time for your pal Oghren, is that it?

Traipsing after darkspawn is my job! Putting up with my minion's issues is something I do for charity.

Stone forbid I get in the way of your great, important quest, just to ask one little favor.

Fine, Oghren, what is it?

[You can't tell Oghren to piss off at this stage in the conversation. You just loop around this dialogue over and over if you try.]

Aye. here we go.

I was thinking, I do know some people out here on the surface.

A person, actually. Girl I knew in Orzammar. Before I left, obviously.

A girl you knew, or a girl you knew?

What? You mean were we rutting? Oh, aye. After Branka left for the Deep Roads. Name's Felsi, and she was a fiery one.

I'm sure she's forgiven me by now. Thought maybe I'd track her down. See how she's been living.

Oghren, you dog!

Anyway, she left for the surface a year back, and I haven't seen her since.

Why did she leave?

What? Why are you asking me? I didn't do anything.

Well, that doesn't sound suspicious at all.

I tried to look her up the last time we were at Lake Calenhad. She wasn't at work at the inn. At home with her sick mother, they said.

I figured it was just the ancestors telling me something... but I keep thinking about her.

We can go back.

Well and a good friend you are, Warden. I'll think about you if we ever... No, actually, that would be gross.


[This sleepy little inn features in more questlines than you'd expect.]

There she is!

I'm gonna go talk to her. Look, you gotta back me up here, got it?

What do you mean, "back you up?"

Just... follow my lead, you know?

Let me talk to her first. She might be married now.

I... hadn't thought of that.

Find out how much she misses old Oghren, or who I have to kill, and then I'll go sweep her off her feet.

What can I get for you? And don't say mead. We ran out of that a week ago. And don't say rum, either. Ran out the day before yesterday. And don't say brandy.

When did you run out of brandy?

Oh, we haven't yet. It's just terrible. We got it from a shady Orlesian trader, and I think it might really be turpentine.

Felsi! I need tables cleaned, girl!

I've got a customer!

What's a dwarf doing working in a bar out here?

Same as I'd be doing anywhere: earning coin. My mother lives here. Someone's got to take care of the old bronto.

You don't happen to know a fellow named Oghren, do you?

Ugh! Did you have to bring his name up? I just ate!

So you're not exactly a fan of his, then?

You could say that. You could also say I would rather kiss a deepstalker on the lips than see him again.

What happened between you two?

What happened? Is that a serious question? Have you met Oghren?

That bad, huh?

He got drunk. Drunker than usual, even. Took off his pants and challenged a roast nug to a wrestling match at my father's funeral.

He lost, by the way. The roast got him in an arm lock. He sat there crying for half an hour before someone pulled it off him.

How did he lose to a piece of meat?

It was a sodding good roast!

Felsi! What in Andraste's name are you doing? The tables, girl!

All right!

I've got to get back to work.


Well, what did she say?

She hasn't exactly forgiven you for the nug incident.

That fight was rigged! Anyway, the guards said it wasn't worth pressing charges. So she‘s no call to hold a grudge!

Did she say anything else?

...Go get her.

Just be ready to pry her off when she throws herself at me. We don't want to make a scene here. Well, don't pry her off me too soon. I mean, a little scene's all right.

I don't think you understand women, Oghren.

Sure I do. Watch this.

Well look what the nug dragged in. I should‘ve known you were in the neighborhood by the stench.

What are you doing here?

Just trying to kick back with a pint. Fighting darkspawn's a lot of sodding work, you know?

You're fighting darkspawn?

This man took on an army of golems almost single-handed.

It was a bit of a pain, but... it was a personal favor for the king of Orzammar, you understand.

The whole surface to choose from, and you just happened to come to my tavern?

Er... well...

(Whisper to Oghren) Tell her it's fate.

What? Oh, right. It's fate, Felsi. What can I say?

Fate? The ancestors must have a sense of humor, then.

Sure they do! You've had a good look at Lady Helmi, haven't you? If her face isn't a joke the ancestors are playing, I'm a bronto's behind.

So... Lady Helmi must be a Paragon of beauty then.

(Whisper to Oghren) Tell her you've been thinking of her.

I've been thinkin’ about you, Felsi.

What do you want, Oghren?

Nothin'. Just thought I'd see how you were doing, is all. Well, maybe that and grease up the bronto, if you know what I mean.

Well, you've seen me. You'll have to go back to Orzammar for the bronto.

(Lie) We can't waste time here, the queen's waiting for us.

Oh, the queen needed a new fool, did she?

Ah well, it's been fun, Felsi, but I better go.

Wait! You‘re leaving? You just got here. I haven't called you a shaft-rat yet...

Oh, you can't keep the archdemon waiting. You hurt its feelings, it just might turn the whole Blight around and go home. Nobody wants that.

Well... you don't need to fight it right now, do you? I mean, you could have a pint first. You could call me a surly bronto, I could tell you that you smell like nug droppings...

I tell you what, I've got some things I gotta do, but I'll come back for that pint when things‘re settled. You frigid deepstalker.

Fine, but you'd better not keep me waiting, you worthless copper-plated sword-caste.

Wouldn't dream of it.

[There are a couple of ways this can go, depending on how much you are willing to lie to this poor woman. Most of the time she kicks Oghren out on his ass, but if you're willing to bullshit hugely and prevent Oghren sabotaging himself you get the ending above.]

Heh. I still got it.

Wait, that was a success? Are you sure?

Weren't you watching? She could barely restrain herself!

Might as well rest up while I can. You ready to go?

Let's go.

[We'll head to other side of the lake and finish off another companion quest.]

I remember when all this was zombies.

[Our destination is this familiar old shack.]

What is it?

I'm looking for the qunari sword you bought.

Now, why would you be interested in that?

It's mine.

You know, Faryn didn't mention the giant he took it from was alive.

Why don't you give up the sword and we'll go?

Excellent idea.

It's in my strongbox. Here's the key. Now why don't you leave me alone?

[If you don't bring Sten along to frighten Dwyn then you need to pay him for the key. Or kill him. That works too.]


[Giving the 'Qunari Sword' to Sten as a gift triggers this scene.]


I had almost forgotten it. Completion.

Are you sure you are a Grey Warden? I think you must be an ashkaari to find a single lost blade in a country at war.

You're welcome, Sten.

I would thank you for this, if I knew how.

Aww gimme a hug, ya big galoot.


[Sten smiling for the first and probably last time in the entire game.]

I could deliver a much more satisfying answer to the arishok's question if the Blight were ended, don't you agree?


Then lead the way.

[Ta da! Our reward for completing the quest is Asala, Sten's actual sword. Pity it isn't very good. ]

[One final sidequest for today. I've swapped in Alistair for Oghren, as we might need a tank.]

[So, remember how Morrigan wanted us to kill her mother? In order to stop Flemeth dearest from hijacking Morrigan's body to restore her youth?

I've avoided doing this quest for a while, but now the team's ready.]

And so you return.

Lovely Morrigan has at last found someone willing to dance to her tune. Such enchanting music she plays, wouldn't you say?

I should dance to your tune, instead?

Why dance at all? Why not sing? (Laughs)

What has Morrigan told you, hmm? What little plan has she hatched this time?

She knows how you extend your unnatural lifespan.

That she does. The question is, do you?

Ahhh, but it is an old, old story. One that Flemeth has heard before... and even told.

Let us skip right to the ending, shall we? Do you slay the old wretch as Morrigan bids? Or does the tale take a different turn?

I just want the truth.

"The truth", she says, as if it were nothing!

No. no. far better the lie. Far better the comfort of blankets and shadows and a mother's love.

Morrigan wishes my grimoire? Take it as a trophy. Tell her I am slain.

And what happens to you?

I go. Perhaps I surprise Morrigan one day... or I may simply watch.

It would be interesting to see what she does with her freedom. Enlightening, even. Would you give an old woman that?

You think she will believe that?

We believe what we want to believe. It's all we ever do.



No explanations! Just pick one!

A. Help Morrigan
B. Help Flemeth

NEXT TIME: Best Friends Forever!