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Original Thread: The Budokai you don't remember. - Let's Play "DBZ: Infinite World" [VLP]



Let's Play Infinite World

Infinite World is the lost Budokai game. The back of the case appropriately calls it “the best of the Budokai series”, and it appears to be intended as a celebration of the first three games. It got pretty bad reviews for reasons I don't entirely understand, aside from the new mini-games and huge difficulty curve. It's understandable why some people would be a bit bothered by those. Still a personal favorite of mine, because it's pretty damn weird.

Damn weird?

It's easier to show than tell, but it definitely does feel like an amalgam of the previous games. Yes, including Budokai 2. It had an old, tired heart, but it was still beating strong. Just maybe not strong enough to compete with Burst Limit, which came out six months earlier in the same year, and was seen as a much more successful evolution for DBZ fighting games.

How will the Let's Play go?

I'm going to do a single run through Dragon Mission mode. We'll end things right after the battle with Omega Shenron and the credits roll. Full disclosure, there are extra missions and battles that unlock after that, but I have absolutely no desire to share those with anyone. This is a good game, but the difficulty wears out its welcome somewhere in the GT Saga.

Get ready for a lot of fighting and uh... some 3D platforming, sometimes. Yeah.


What a trip.
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