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Part 3: Episode 3 Perils in space

Episode 3 Perils in space

Last time we had a few fights with Freeza's goons and Gohan's HP is now down to 8. We use the Bulma card(recover 25%) on him and move on...

No! Gohan's HP is still dangerously low and Krillin does not have enough BE to use Scatter Shot. We use Bulma card to bring Gohan's HP back up to 38 but the average HP of the party is just above 50%.

Man down! Man down!

No! Yamcha you useless piece of $#%@!

Thankfully, Krillin take a hit without problem.

This is what a critical hit looks like.

Death is much easier to recover from in this game. Every round a downed character recovers a small amount(5%) of HP and the character is revived when it is back to max. And we can speed up the process by using cards with healing effect on that character.

At this point, we retreat in order to cut loses and heal our party members. Fortunately we do not meet any new enemies until Gohan is revived:

After this we move along without much problem and we finally reach our first point of interest:

Gohan and co. find a ghost ship in space! Gohan, being adventurous and rebellious, decides to go inside and look for treasures.

However, the ghost ship is actually a pirate ship in disguise, and the pirate ship captain forces Gohan to cough up all of his money or walk the plank! And the end of the plank leads to a fall through the waste gas duct into space.

Gohan gives 5000 dollars to the captain, but the captain does not recgonize Earth dollar and so he throws the money back and repeats his demands.
The game will repeat the question until we choose "NO".

At this point Gohan has no choice but to walk the plank. However, instead of falling down, he flies right back up. The surprised captain miss-fires his gun at the ceiling causing a loose tile directly above him to fall!

Gohan debates with the Z fighters whether to save him or not and finally decides to do it, as space pirates still have some historic values.
Another question that repeats. This time we have to choose the left option.

Gohan snaps the tile out of the air and breaks it with his jaw!
Similar to the Vegeta event, we lose some BE.

The captain mumbles some nonsense in Japanese about no food in the freezer and walk forward 7 steps for a short cut.

Back on our way, Chaozu kindly shows us his incompetence by demonstrating it is possible for a character to try and fail at dodging a Ki attack:

We don't really need the tip; it is pretty easy to spot where the short cut is on the map.

And we use the short cut to go to the planet because. On our way there, Gohan gains 420BP from a training mini-game as we saw in the last episode.

We arrive at Namek! And we land on it immediately.

We meet a Namekian and he offers us some drinks.

If we accept it, we'll get drugged. Then we wake up and see the Namekian in his true form!

Or if we don't accept it then the Namekian knows his trick is exposed and so he shows his true face.

In both case, we can't leave until we choose to attack. I don't think the choice makes any difference.

And we have a mini boss fight. This will be a difficult fight if we don't build up the characters by moving one square at a time.

Once again, the honor goes of Krillin.

We get a bunch of BP and 2 item cards. The first of the two item cards is Porunga card and it is the reward of this side-quest. It grants us the effect of three different item cards that we can choose from a list of 6 on the map screen or 9 during battle.

There is no other plot event until the end of the map. During the travel, Gohan plays the training mini-game successfully 3 more times, gaining 840BP twice and 1050BP once. Here is the final stat of the party members:

At least this planet is green.

We will see what awaits them in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z2 LP!