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Part 7: Episode 6 Turning the tide in battle

Episode 6 Turning the tide in battle

Well come back! We are back with Gohan on Namek:

Lord Freeza! Vegeta is looking for the dragonballs.

Then we must help him, my dear Zarbon. I'll call my personal task force if I have to.

Summon the Ginyu Force? Isn't this too excessive?

Vegeta is one of the last few Sayians. We must help to preserve their race and culture at all cost. This is the least I can do as a servant of the universe.

I understand now, Lord Freeza. I'll make the arrangements.

Thank you Zarbon. And please call me Freeza.

So we are at the third race and this is the biggest hurdle of this LP.

This time the village is at the centre of the map. Once again we start at the north west corner of the map, Zarbon in the south east and Vegeta in the north east. Since the three teams are at roughly the same distance from the village, so this map actually favours our team. However the plot is better if we lose this race. We'll see about that later.

This map introduces the tier 2 goons.

We have seen one of them in the first stage, the other two have similar BP and HP. Each one will give use 200 BP.

The village is in sight after the second round. We have to go round it and head south east to face Zarbon.

Here is the stat of Zarbon and one of the goons we haven't see the stat of.

Ten now has enough BE to use his best attack.

Gohan's BP is slightly higher than Zarbon's and it still hurts.

Krillin deals the final blow again!

Huh? We haven't finish the rest of the goons yet.

Oh dear...


55000 BP! The scouter must be malfunctioning!

But we soon find out that it is telling the truth as Zarbon has his revenge. Ok, let's try again!

Try again...

Ok if Gohan does not get hit again then we will be fine...

No! We may need to restart...

Wow, good dodge. If the last one does not target him...


Ok, "what does not kill me makes me stronger", right?

Only if you are a Saiyan with a senzu bean.

As usual, once we are fighting the second form, we use 2 Kaio cards and 1 Enma card. And because we have 2 Ki attack cards already, we don't use any Chi chi card.

Not only that, this time we will go one step further and use the only Puar card we have and give Zarbon a battle card with weak defense. We also get a good battle out of it.

Eat this! You ugly monster!

We kill the rest in the next round and we are rewarded with:

We get 11500 BP, 5 stars dragonball and 5 item cards. This is the first time we get our hands on Korin card and Grandpa card.

We are very powerful at this point in the game, comparing to around 8000 in a normal run which does not kill the bosses earily.

We reach the village and receive the 7 stars dragonball.

We also pick up Dende who wants to follow us for no reason. Well, we are not complaining, since this will upgrade our Bulma card to Dende card which heals 50% HP and BE instead of 25%.

With the third race being concluded, we return to Goku.

We marvel at the sweet fruits of our hard work!

There is a planet close to our starting point. It is for our best interest that we land on it.

Goku lands at an outpost of Freeza's occupation army and liberates the planet. It is a mystery why they don't attack Goku when he is inside the spaceship.

Goku is up against a tier 3 and 2 final tier goons. A cake walk for Goku at his max.

The native sees Goku is a Saiyan and starts talking about Saiyan Bardock and Freeza 20 years ago and Kakarot.

Goku says that was his name and the native gives him a package.

We get a Porunga card, but this is not what we want, so we have to reload again.

In some attempts, the battle rewards a few items cards, making our inventory full and we can't get the package.

Forturnately the battle is very easy and we finally get the Frog card. We will see the use of it later.

We leave the planet after that. Surely this side quest is not in the autopilot data prepared by Dr. Brief, so it is a wonder that Goku can pilot the spaceship this well.

Then we quickly finish the stage with the training against 100 times Earth gravity.

And Goku thinks he is now strong enough to go up to 10x Kaio Ken.

As two different forces converge to Namek, get ready for the most chaotic fight in the video game history of Dragonball fanchise in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z2 LP!