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Part 8: Episode 7 Ganging up in battle

Episode 7 Ganging up in battle

After training Goku with 100 times Earth gravity, we return to Namek:

Bulma is too busy at being bored when the Z fighters return with Dende.

Hey Krillin, who is this mini Piccolo?

This is Dende and he wants to move to Earth.

Hm... Dende, how much food do you eat each day?

Namekians don't need to eat.

It is decided! Dende will stay and help out at my place.

Bulma, I'm sure you will break a few child labour laws if you do that.

Ha, those laws only apply to human.

Whatever. I'm taking him to Guru's house to get a passport. See ya!

And so we have Krillin's solo stage!

This is the first stage where we are not forced to move forward or race against others, so we have all the time we want. However this stage also has the tier 2 goons, so if we haven't defeat the bosses, then Krillin will have a very hard time against them. In fact the game expects us to run away and will automatically force Krillin to leave if we spend too long in battle. Our Krillin has enough BP to handle them but it is not efficient to do that so we will move as quickly as we can.

With Dende with us, Krillin has go problem reaching our destination at the west side of the map.

Hi Dende! It's been years since you visited. We miss you so much, you should visit us more often! What brings you here? Do you come to play with us? Oh, I'm so happy! We can buy some new board games if we know you are coming. Speaking of which, I saw a final ultimate special extended mark 5 version 3.1583 edition of Madnug the other day! Can you believe it? And it costs an arm and a leg! Of cause I can grow them back, but it still hurts a lot. And can you believe what is inside that box besides the game set? It is the OST of the anime together with an interview of the composer which has a limited print. And-

Nail! Nail! Sorry, I don't come here to play. Is Guru inside? I want to see him.

Oh, why don't you say so sooner? Guru is taking a nap inside. Just go in and wake him up.

Yo! What's up?... Did I say it right?

Hey, is that a dragonball on top of your seat?

Hello Guru, this is Krillin. He and his friends are looking for the dragonballs and I'm with them at the moment.

Krillin? I don't remember giving this name to anyone... Krillin, is that the latest fashion trend? I want some clothes like that too. And what happened to you? Your skin colour isn't normal, your ears are not pointy, your nose is missing and your antennae became two black strips.

That is because I'm not a Namekian.

Don't worry Krillin, come closer and let me heal you.

Wow. My power just skyrocketed! still look the same as before. Now I understand why you are looking for the dragonballs. You can have this one.

Thanks! I'll bring the others here too!

This is the end of that stage and we switch over to Piccolo.

Our target is to train until Piccolo is at level 30. We can play any of the 3 mini games, 2 of which we have seen before.

And here is the prize from the last stage.

The third training is the clone sparring from the previous game. It also gives the biggest reward. The problem is that this game will drain a lot of HP and we can't access it if Piccolo's HP is too low.

When that happens, we can go to Kaio to heal up.

With that out of the way, we are back with Krillin. This time he takes the whole team with him to Guru's house.

Look at that! The power boost is pretty big. This stage is the same as Krillin's solo stage and it is a catwalk with a full team.

And as we reach the destination:

Isn't that Vegeta?

Krillin? What are you doing here?

...Oh, so that is why you are collecting dragonballs. I'm looking for them too but I think your wish is more important. Ok I'll join you.

Inside the house:

Guru, I'm not a Namekian and I'm not from this planet! I dress like one but I'm not! How many times do I have to tell you? I'm healthy, so please stop healing me!

Gohan! You are here too! Hang on, I sense some body else... The Ginyu Force! Why do they come to this planet?

Gohan, are you done yet? Let's go.

And Gohan goes outside to check out the Ginyu Force.

Meanwhile, near Freeza's ship:

Welcome, Ginyu Force!

Hi Freeza, what do you want?

I want you to help Vegeta to collect the dragonballs.

That's easy. Is that all?

You can beat up some bad guys if you find any.

Ok team, did you hear that? Let's move!


Let's see...I have them on the scouter!

Our party members are scared of the approaching Ki signals.

Captain Ginyu is happy to see the dragonballs we are holding and demand us to hand them over.

And we say, "NO!"

Ginyu decides to take it by force and tells his team to decide who fights who by playing rock-paper-scissors.

And they take a bit of time to do that.

Vegeta asks if Goku is coming.

And hopes he will arrive soon as the battle starts.

We are fighting the whole Ginyu Force in a single battle! The BP of our party members are more than enough to handle them.

Not only that, we also have Vegeta with us! Vegeta is a NPC in this game and he uses a random battle card, so we have 6 attacks each round.

And these are the BP and HP of the Ginyu Force members. With five boss characters, there will be lots of Ki attacks each round as we can see with the scouter card and so this is the fight where Mr Popo cards are especially useful. However, since we want to see their Ki attacks, we are not using them. Out of the four Ki attacks, 3 of them are basic energy blast and Captain Ginyu uses Explosion Wave.

After 1 round of combat:
(The spaceship does not change colour when playing, it is due to the GIF program)
Reinforcement has arrived.

However he can't join the fight yet and we have to move him to the battle field. And each round we switch back and forth between Goku and the battle until then. One problem with this is that we lose the effect of scouter cards and so we can't see the enemies' current HP.

We start to see some unique attacks from the enemies:

Ginyu has a super energy blast which hurts a lot.

Guldo's stop time works similar to Chaozu's special attack.

Burter's looks like Goku's Kaioken.

Jeice's looks like Yamcha's Souki Dan. The Ki attack animations in this game is very limited.

Meanwhile Vegeta is doing his part nicely:

Just like the anime, Guldo is the first to go, and by Vegeta too.

Goku finally arrives at the battle field.

And reads Gohan's mind.

Then he immediately joins the fight. An improvement over the previous game is that Goku is listed at the beginning, so I don't need to move the cursor to the end of the list.

Recoom shows us the Renzoku-Energy Wave which Vegeta has also. Unfortunately we don't get to see Recoom's last attack.

With Goku's help, the Ginyu Force is greatly weakened and Gohan takes the chance to defeat Jeice.

Surprisingly, Captain Ginyu is the next to goes down. He is defeated by our frog card.

Goku doesn't fool around and takes down Burter.

Krillin deals the final blow and Ginyu Force is no more!

A reward of 24000 BP is pretty lacking, as there are 5 of them.

Vegeta kills all of them and Goku isn't able to stop him. But unlike the anime, Vegeta kills Captain Ginyu too.

Vegeta talks about Super Sayian and Freeza.

Goku and the others try to summon Shenron but not successful.

Meanwhile Freeza loses signals from the Ginyu Force and decides to deal with it himself!

Get ready to see Freeza in action in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z2 LP!